Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dad, what do you call a snail on a boat? A Snailer.

If you couldn't tell by the fact he looks EXACTLY like me, right down to the unruly mop of hair sitting on top of his head, the fact he's wearing a Red Sox shirt and jeans with at least 2 visible holes in them would tell you right off you're looking at my son.

8 years ago tomorrow it had been me, Ang, and Ciera for 5 years; granted, we tried to have them closer together but there's a line that goes something along "If you wanna hear God laugh, tell him YOUR plans". And so it was, on November 23 2003, just 11 months before the Sox finally broke through, that my son was born.

It's been a wild ride, most of which I've documented here along the way. The Doc told us he was probably a Downs Syndrome baby, then he came out feet first with the umbilical cord tied around his neck yet he's smart, funny, healthy, rowdy, polite, and the apple of my eye.

Tomorrow he turns 8 and if I slow down and think about it I'll probably cry like a baby but for right now? He's my best bud, my Red Sox watching companion, my catch partner, and he thinks I'm the best thing in the world.

So I'm just gonna enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy Birthday, mini-me.

Love you.


Rich in the Garage said...

Please tell me you bought him an electric scooter for his birthday. Please for the love of god tell me you did.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's been EIGHT years! Tell RED I said Happy Birthday!

Ted D said...

We did, Jr. And watching Trot ride it is taking years off my life. And I'll pass the word Mattie.

Stacy said...

He's a precious one! Tell the little man Aunt Stacy says happy birthday!

Stacy said...

ps - love the snailer joke! He makes me laugh every time! :)