Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carlin would be proud

Saturday night (when the Sox aren't playing) is movie night around the house and last night we watched "We Bought A Zoo", which was actually pretty good.

Before we started I asked Ang, who'd seen it already, if there were any parts where I needed to have the mute button ready just in case Trot or Rakes learned a few new words to share in Sunday School in the morning and  she let me know there were only a few.

For the next 15 minutes Trot asked what they were, when they were coming in the movie and could he say them if he heard them. He finally ran out of air, leaned back on the dog like it was a throw pillow, and watched the rest of the movie.

Right before the closing credits were about to come on he sits up, looks around and asks...........

"WHEN are the cuss words coming?"

Ladies and Gentlemen, my son.

Apparently the next Redd Foxx.


HorshamScouse said...

Train them to pee sitting down. Whoever cleans around and behind the toilets in their future will thank you.

Ted D said...

Scouser, I can't get them to do it right one way; how am I going to get them to another way?!