Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life comes at you fast.

After I put Trot to bed tonight I went in Rakes room to say goodnight and asked if his Mom said prayers with him.

"Yes. No. I think it's yes. I'm not sure, Dad. Just to be sure can you say them again?"

Ciera, who normally rides to school with a girl down the street rode the bus because she wanted to talk with a couple of friends she hasn't gotten to hang out with in a while. About 1 I get a text from her saying the girl she rides with totaled her car on the way in, with a car running a stoplight and broad siding her on the passenger side.

I saw pictures and the side of the car Ciera normally sits on was pushed all the way to the drivers side.

So, yeah Rakes.

I'll say them again with you.

Just to be sure.


Stacy said...

So scary. Tell her Aunt Stacy said from now on, she rides the bus. :)

ps - love that photo of Rakes.

Ted D said...

Exactly what I told her.

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