Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm pretty sure this is how Dillenger started out.

So the first full week of school for Trot ended today and we got his first Behavior Chart. Green is good, yellow is not, and red is the signal he needs to put a book down the back of his pants so his tail won't burn when I get done with him.

Turns out he hit yellow the last two days; after last nights talking to I was sure he'd be on his best behavior (or at least what constitutes "best behavior" for Trot. It's like asking a polar bear not to eat the salmon. He may eat it or he may not; just depends on if he wants to.

Anyways, Ang asked him once she got home why he ended up on yellow. What follows is the conversation the two of them had.

Ang: "So, why did you get in trouble today?"

Trot: "A boy named Jacob pushed me. So I pushed him back".

Ang: "Are you sure that's it?"

Trot: "Well, then I left that center and went to another one. And this boy Ben said the word "idiot". And Mom, you know that is a bad word. So I said "Don't say that word, Idiot!"

Ang: "And is THAT all?"

Trot: "Well, on the playground I pinched a little girl in my class."

Ang: "Why did you do THAT?"

Trot: "I don't know. But that was IT."

After having virtually no issues with Ciera from Day 1 I've got the sinking feeling we ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto.

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