Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cinderalla Gone Haywire

Kids being kids is something we've gotten used to around here. Peeing in the plants, "forgetting" to wear underwear, tracing all the light switches in the house with a permanent marker and rubbing a whole tube of lipstick into the carpet are all things that we've dealt with over the years.

Tonight, as Ang tried to get the boys clothes together for school tomorrow she could only find one of Trot's shoes. According to her she looked everywhere she could think of, up to and including the refrigerator. (Don't laugh; I found the remote control for the tv in there about a year ago, right next to the cheese.)

After looking up and down all over the house she was finally ready to give up until she walked into the kids room where they play the Wii and watch movies. It was here she found the following:

There it is, on the top shelf of one of the bookcases sitting next to the television. I don't know if he threw it up there or climbed up there or if he even remembers how it got there.

When asked by his Mom WHY it was there?

He simply grinned and said "That's where I keep 'em, Mom".

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Tanesha High said...

My comment has nothing to do with this post, so you don't have to post it. It has to do with the post you talked about the neti pot. I've seen them in stores, but never knew anyone who actually used one until you. My sister was encouraged to use one by the women at her job. They call it "doing the pot." Which can be easily confused with something else. I want to watch while she does it, but she won't let me. Now every once in a while she goes, "My sinuses hurt, I need to use the neti pot." I find it hilarious. She thinks I should do the pot. I have allergies and she thinks it'll wash the pollen and stuff out my sinuses and I'll feel better. She also thinks I should do it because I have a cat and she thinks there's cat hair up there. Last week my mom suggested I used it because I had a bad cold and was very congested. Told them I'm not going to willing drown myself.