Thursday, December 28, 2006

My case for Josh Beckett

On my very first maiden blog, I asked if the Boston media was too tough on Josh Beckett. I've been a fan of his since 2003, when he earned a special place in my baseball heart for driving the final stake through the black heart of the Yankees. Game 6 of the World Series, the upstart Marlins vs. George's stormtroopers. What does the then 23 year old kid do? He strolls into Yankee Stadium and proceeds to stomp, spit, cuss, and pitch his way to a complete game victory and a World Series Championship for the Marlins.

Since that post, I've been doing a little research and waiting for Barry Zito to land. Now that Zito is a SF Giant, after agreeing to a 7 year, $126 million dollar deal, I'm gonna state my case.

Josh Beckett

6years in MLB

WL%: .559

Wins: 57 Losses: 45

Games Pitched: 139

Innings Pitched: 813.7

Compete Games: 3

Stike Outs: 765

ERA: 3.85

2006 Stats: 16W 11L, 33 games, 204.7 IP, 0 CG, 158 punch outs, and a 5.01 ERA
Barry Zito
7 years in MLB
WL%: .618
Win: 102 Losses: 63
Games Pitched: 222
Innings Pitched: 1,430.3
Complete Games: 9
Stike Outs: 1096
ERA: 3.55
2006 Stats: 16W 10L, 34 games, 221.0 IP, 0 CG, 151 SO, and a 3.83 ERA.
So we have 2 pitchers in their prime, one who is 28{Zito}, and one who is 26{Beckett}. Zito will
make $18 million dollars per year over the next 7 years. Beckett will make $10 million over the
next 3 years. For $8 million per year, and for 4 less years commitment, the Red Sox have a
player 2 years younger, with a career ERA just above his counterpoint, and the makeup of a
With Zito, you have a very good pitcher, with good career numbers that has pitched in relative
anonimity on the West Coast. I like Zito as a pitcher: but when you look at the numbers, is he
REALLY that much better than Beckett? A man who has been under the most intense pressure
a MLB player can be under? Game 6 in Yankee Stadium, with all the ghosts, history, and all he
did was stomp a mudhole in the stomach of the Yankees and their fans? A man who, in his first
year in Boston, posted career highs in wins, innings pitched, and strikeouts, and who avoided
going on the DL for the first time in his 6 year career?
I wish Zito nothing but the best, and I am ecstatic he did not end up in New York. But I'll take
Josh Beckett and his screaming, stomping, cussing ways over Barry Zito and his $126 million
any day of the week.


Tex said...

\\But I'll take Josh Beckett and his screaming, stomping, cussing ways //

he sounds like a Texan to me :)

and THAT is NOT a bad thing. I am SO ready for Spring.

Ted D said...

You and me both Tex. Still working on that dryer: I'll let you know!

Tex said...

I can pick up the dryer in my truck....and I got off my lazyASS and posted a new one just now...SOME people Work for a living ya know!!

Ted D said...

I have to work for a living too texas, just off this week! I have a new appreciation for what my wife does every day, taking care of these youngsters.

JET said...

We need Josh to be great. Listen to Tek, take Schilling's advice, hope for no blisters. I'm still happy with the deal.

Good thoughts Ted D.

kaylee said...

WE NEED JOSH beckett,We have a fine rotation right now.I think ZiTO was OVERPAID by alot he is not that great of a pitcher(at least not to get that much money).what is with the high free agent market is year?

Tex said...

if a woman were to get paid for being a stay at home mom and housewife....I think they'd get rich. Think about how much you pay for a nanny and a housekeeper...i mean REALLY pay them...then quadruple that...the double that...then triple about a quadzillion...THAT is how much Stay at Home Moms should get paid.

More men should experience being Mr. Mom...

Ted D said...

Tex, it's funny you should say that. Earlier this year, I was on the computer and watching T.V. This wasn't too long after my wife had Trot, and we were both sleep deprived, her especially. She went to change the channel, and I was watching something, and asked her not too. She hopped up, stomped to our room and slammed the door. About 30 minutes later, she comes out and lays into me! Well, me being an ignorant male, says"Since I'm the only one working in this house, I should be able to watch whatever TV I want to". As soon as I said it, I wanted it back! IDIOT.
Anyway, the next day I come home from work, and she say's: " I looked it up today. And if you paid someone to do what I do, it would cost between $125,000 and $150,000 dollars a year!"

Without a doubt, the all time stupidest thing I have EVER said to my wife!

JET, Kaylee, thanks for stopping by. The fact that anyone would find something I write even remotely interesting is a great compliment.

Tex said...

tell your wife she's cutting her self short on the salary

Ted D said...

No way! We have a salary cap here at Ted's house. I can only slot her in the 125,000 to 150,000 area. :)