Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Steal

Dave Freakin' Roberts.

Spent less than 4 months as a Red Sox, but will be a legend in Red Sox Nation forever. Millar's walk, Francona putting in Roberts to pinch run, and The Steal. He doesn't make it, the greatest comeback in sports history never happens. The Sox don't break 86 years of frustration, don't become World Champs, nothing. Just more heartbreak, more agony.

But he DID make it. And all of a sudden, the guy is on the cover of books and magazines, and his name will be reverently mentioned for the rest of time by Sox fans. Every year it seems like one guy comes outa nowhere and becomes a cult hero to the fans of Boston. Brian Daubauch, Kevin"Cowboy Up"Millar, Pokey Reese, Roberts, YOOOOUUUUKilis. It even happened last year, even though from August 1st, it seemed like the team was more a M.A.S.H. unit than a ballclub.

Guys like Pedroia, Carlos Pena, and Lester. Even Julian Tavarez went from being unmercifully boo'd to a fan favorite by acting like he had completely lost his mind. He was jumping around, pointing to which base the ball needed to go to, pumping his fist at all times, and generally acting like a kid. Which was great. I wish more players would act that way.

So, who's it gonna be in 2007? Daisuke? Lugo? WMP? Personally, I think it'll be someone Theo picks up in July. Just like Roberts. Someone out of the blue, who will capture the heart of Sox fan's everywhere.

I can't wait to see who it is.


JET said...

"The Steal" epitomizes all that is so magical about baseball. When all the stars align so perfectly it gives generations of fans the memories of a lifetime.

I don't know who it will be this year either, but I can't wait to find out.

Happy New Year TedD!

Tex said...

I'm waiting to see which player will be the one who will make me laugh and smile like Millar did. I love a personality on a team.

I loved how Millar dared them...don't let us win Game 4! I think he knew that's all they needed to be motivated.

Ted D said...

Happy New Year to you too JET.

And of course to you Texas. Without your help, never woulda started this thing. :)

kaylee said...

Happy New year!

Ted D said...

Happy New Year Kaylee.

Thanks for continuing to stop by.