Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning from a 13 year old.

I went and ate lunch with Ciera at school today, which is no small miracle since she's in 8th grade now and I figured the last thing she'd want was her old man coming to school and all her friends seeing how "awkward" I am. (Awkward is her new favorite word. Rakes is awkward, a movie scene is awkward, me wanting to take our picture is awkward, me wearing jeans and flip flops is awkward,.... you get the idea.)

Yet last night, when her Mom asked if I was eating with the boys today she very firmly and very loudly said "He's eating with ME."

So I did.

Upon arriving, she had me sit next to her and I pried out of her what had gone on that day while she looked distracted. I figured it was because "he who shall not be named" was sitting one table over and I was asking her if I should go over and say hello. Turns out, she was just waiting on everyone else to get to the table.

Then, her and about 8 girls at our table and her cousin and about 8 boys, including the one on my hit list, all bowed their heads, held hands, and prayed for their food. Turns out they do this everyday and don't really care if other kids or the teacher have a problem with it.

I never did anything that gutsy when I was 13.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more proud of her, she goes and throws me a curve ball.


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

That's wonderful, Ted! I'm so proud of her, Jared and all the other 8th graders! And I'm proud of you, too! That we would all be open to learning from our kids!

Ted D said...

They have a lot of guts. I was proud of her.

Stacy said...

I knew they prayed at lunch, but hearing you talk about it makes me want to cry.

ps - see, I TOLD you he who shall remain unnamed was a good kid. :)

Ted D said...

He's just doing it to get on her good side. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cool...very very cool!