Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pass the Pepto.

I'm not going to mention this kids name, but according to Ciera he's, and I quote, "Just my friend, Dad."

She sits with him on the bus, talks about him constantly, and tonight went with one of her girl friends to a Haunted House here in town where she told her Mother, who somehow is happy about all of this, that he'd be there and told me he probably wouldn't be.


I gotta admit; I'm about as ready for this as I am for Alf to land in my back yard with ET and the two of them set up a tent and stay for a week.

Can this really be happening already? Is it too late to buy a gun? Can I train Rakes and Trot to take out a human being with nothing more than a Pokemon card and a plastic sword? Better yet, even though I'm not Catholic will they accept her into the local nunnery?

The next 5 years are gonna be like riding the Tilt-a-Whirl at some local carnival.

Fast, scary, and I'm gonna feel like throwing up after it's over.


treenewt said...

Take copious notes, big brother. I get to do it TWICE. See, all the stuff you're going through with the boys now will pale in comparison to the teen years with girls.

Ted D said...

I told you this was gonna happen and you didn't listen to me. We'll make it, little brother. Somehow.

Stacy said...

This unnamed boy is a good kid. He says "yes mam" to me and leaves his shoes in the garage when he comes in my house. Just tell her to be careful if he has a ping pong paddle in his hand. :) She's a smart girl (in addition to being beautiful)...she's gonna be just fine. :)

Ted D said...

Sounds like a regular Eddie Haskell to me. He could be the best kid in the world and still not be good enough.

Rich in the Garage said...


Monastery sir. You meant MONASTERY.

Ted D said...

Heh. You get the point.