Sunday, May 13, 2012

He's a Goodfella.

Ang got a call from the boy's school on her way to work Friday and it turns out it was Trot's teacher.

Thinking it a little odd that the first question out of her mouth was "Does Trot eat breakfast in the morning before he comes to school?" she quickly discovered the reason for the call.

Turns out Trot had been arriving to class about 15 minutes late each day as he took a side detour to the cafeteria to have his SECOND breakfast of each day and was telling his teacher that we didn't feed him anything before he left.

The little con man even told his Mom, after she let him have it for not paying for any of these meals that "It's free, Mom. The lady has all the money in her computer where she punches the numbers in".

I have no idea whether he believes this or if he's the biggest shyster since Leonardo DeCaprio in "Catch me if you Can" but what I do know is this.

He's 6 years old and he already reminds me of Henry from "Goodfellas".

Part of me fully expects him to be running a rolling craps game and taking bets on college football by this fall.


Tree Newt said...

That just cracks me up bro! Trot is truly one of a kind!

Ted D said...

He's something all right. Just wait brother.