Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Kid

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I'm starting to think that Jonathan Papelbon is going to be the story of 2007 for the Red Sox. Matsuzaka is getting all the hype right now, and deservedly so. He's come in, pitched well, and has seemingly fit right in with his new team, not to mention a whole new country. Schilling is raising a ruckus with his extension talk, Manny and his rockin' new dreads have raised some eyebrows, and Red Sox Nation is FREAKING OUT about the lack of a closer at this point. Pap, along with Josh Beckett, is just kind of flying under the radar.

Pap is looking, right now, as good as he did as the closer last year. I know, I know, it's Spring Training and I'm not getting ahead of myself. His pitching line for ST so far: 5IP, 8K,1BB,1H,0R. It's not just the stats though: it's that swagger that all great pitchers have. The just bordering on cockiness that guys have when they KNOW how good they are. Schilling, Clemens, The Unit back in the day: they have that "it" factor about 'em that Papelbot has. In his press conference the other day, he was asked if he felt he could be as dominant as a starter as he was as a closer. Without hesitating he answered yes. THAT'S what I'm talking about. We could be looking at the beginning of greatness.

Just to let everyone who reads here know, Baby Trot is doing 100 times better. After I found out he had roseola (Thanks New Jersey) I kinda relaxed a little. Today he was more like himself than he's been in over 10 days. Eating, running, laughing, and thankfully, SLEEPING. Poor little dude has been through the ringer the last 5 months with ear infections, surgery for tubes, and just generally feeling like crap. So I'm really glad he seems to be getting better.

My son is getting better. Spring Training is here. And Opening Day is less than a month away.

Life is good.


Kaylee said...

I have no doubt that Jonathan Papelbon will be good as a starter he will get more innings but heck pitching half as good as he did as a closer last year is still better than most pitchers could do in this league nowadays.He has a bright future ahead of him..Now if he could just stay healthy:)

Tex said...

Life is good. Baseball is back but I have to still figure out how I'm gonna watch it. I have 5 of the 6 games in Texas....Opening Day tickets were supposed to bought by friends and they didnt. SO looks like Im gonna just go buy me a ticket and go...have to pay double or more.
I cant wait for this season!

Ted D said...

Tex and Kaylee,

Sorry, LOST was on. Thanks to you both for getting to the new post so quick: Tex, I hope you feel better soon. I have no idea where my crazy family is: Scotty should have dropped a few funny one liners by now.

Christine E. said...

Hey Ted:

SO glad Trot is doing better--it sucks when the little ones are sick...:-(

I am interested in how long Papelbon can sustain the unreal numbers he has been putting up.

But between him, and Beckett rebounding (I really think last year was a fluke)and Daisuke, and Curt pitching angry for a contract, and Wake being healthly(and getting his 14-15 wins) We are in very good shape.

And I think it's way too premature to be freaking out about the closer thing--if it was July, I would be worried--but its only March...:-)

Hope you are well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Christine, finally, a person who agrees with me about Beckett. My man love for him is a little strange, I'll give you that, but he is a horse.

I don't expect Papelbon to keep this up, but the potential to be a special pitcher is there.

Kaylee said...

I will agree with you on Josh Beckett if he puts up those monster number you say he is going to this year.I will be a believer in him someday sooner or later!

Ted D said...

See kaylee, I'm not alone! :)

We'll turn you into a Beckett fan yet.

Kaylee said...

No,you see I hope he will make me a believer in him:)

scott h said...

I'm Baaaack! Sorry aniv. duties kept me busy. I think it is best if you diehards relax during S T . Baseball is a long season , gotta peak at the right time. Save the mvp awards for the end of season. Just stirring the pot!

Ted D said...

Listen Bub, you have got to post a comment more often. If you have not noticed, I'm surrounded by estrogen here: I need a little help!