Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where is Kelly Leak when you need him?

Apparently, these were the guys wearing the Red Sox jersey's today in Florida versus the Minnestoa Twins. 3 different times the boys ran themselves into outs, sounding a lot like it looks when I'm playing baseball with Ciera and Rakes: running to third instead of first, or skipping second altogether and running a straight line across the pitchers mound to third base.

Tek, of all people, got caught napping off second, and Julio Lugo, who I want to embrace but is making me long for the days of the OC, gets caught stealing third AND over running first on an RBI single. It's spring training, and I'm not gonna get my knickers in a bunch, but c'mon guys: this is baseball 101. It's not like this is your first ride around the block or anything.

It sounds like Schilling looked like Schilling, and I expect nothing less. He's feeling "disrespected" over the team brass and their line in the sand over the contract extension, and I'm fine with that. Curt Schilling pitching with a chip on his shoulder has me smiling inside: he's got something to prove, and by the end of June, I think he'll have his extension in his hip pocket. Theo and his posse just want to see if the big man still has it before forking over the money, and while I'd have given it to him 2 months ago, I've got no problem with them wanting to test drive the car before they buy it.

Saw where Coco Crisp had a good day, and I expect a good year is coming for the man with the name that belongs on a cereal box. His finger never healed all the way last year, and if he don't hit 20 dingers and steal at least 20 bases, I'll go out back and hug a tree for my little brother Matt. Dude is just too good and has too much upside to not rebound and have a monster year. If you did not see that balls out catch he made last year, going horizontal with Fenway's center field grass, you missed the catch of the year.

On the home front, Trots's fever has broken, but he's picked up some freaky rash as a result of this virus that makes him look like he's got the chicken pox. He's been imitating A-Rod the last few days: whiny, crying, and wanting to be held at all times. Rakes, Ciera, and I are having a kickball tournament for the championship of the world in the playroom/foyer/dining room and so far the 2 of them are tied, 1 to 1. Angies miniature Christmas tree in the foyer is the only casualty so far: Ciera kicked an AWESOME shot that unfortunately took out Trot's Christmas ornament with his name on it. A small price to pay for athletic dominance.

Finally, this goes out to Tex. I've had Western Union on standby all weekend in case you needed bail money, and now that it is Sunday night, I'm gonna issue the stand down order. I was here if you needed me Texas, but it seems like you've made it through. I expect pictures and stories post-haste at your blog, so don't let me down.


scott h said...

I would love to talk baseball and sox BUT this story only makes me ask , Why hasn't Angie made you get off the couch and put up the CHRISTMAS decorations. Knocking down ornaments playing kickball? You are the king of your castle.Or maybe Angie is suffering from a blinding migraine.

Kaylee said...

i watched that game schill was was the pen:)

Ted D said...

Not exactly a christmas tree Scotty: more like a small tree on the table that had some hand painted christmas ornaments with the kids names on 'em. Trick is don't ever help in the beginning and they won't expect it later!

Kaylee, how'd you watch the game? It wasn't on NESN was it?

scott h said...

Did you see my boy slammin Sammy go yard yesterday?

Kaylee said...

No,I watched it online I watched like 5 different games:)

Ted D said...

I read where he did: I hope he does well this year. I always liked him, even though you find out later he's a bit of a jerk.

Matt said...

I hear I've been getting blasted on here, since I'm too busy crawling under our house pulling electrical wire to take time to comment on the blog. Forgive me, pleeeeeeeeaaaasssee.

Ted, I resemble that remark about going out and hugging a tree. Just this afternoon, Caroline and I were looking out into our backyard, and I commented on how I'm going to miss all our trees. Of course, I'm glad I'll get to miss them because I'm moving away, not because I'll still be here when they clear cut the forest for the new highway! Ahhh...progress!

Jr., as you've often told me, cut the boys some slack. It's spring TRAINING. Key word: training. Tek probably just wanted to see if someone was stealing signals, and Lugo was just testing the first base ump's vision. It's all for later in the year, you know? Don't show all your cards just yet.

Who am I kidding? I want them to win every freaking game, training or not. C'mon boys! Play like you mean it!

Ted D said...


You know we bust your marbles out of love, right? :)

Can't give you to hard of a time. Ciera and I just spent 5 minutes looking out her window at the moon!

Major league vets should never be caught off the bag, or rounding too far. Tek's almost seemed like the 3B coach gave him the light to come on, and they hit the cutoff man instead.

Kaylee said...

Watching that game today made me so what nomar back:)"Mr.Homerun ball"Beckett pitched welll today!

Matt said...

Teddy, is it just me, or is Kaylee bashing on Beck? C'mon, Kaylee! Give the boy some props!

And the truth shall set you free!!!! I knew you were closet moon-gazer/tree-hugger!!!

Kaylee said...

I am sorry.I dont bash many players but,until he shows me he can pitch well for a whole season he aint getting my love:-)

Kaylee said...

But of Course If he does have a good season I am going to look like a fool for bashing him all this time!

scott h said...

Ok, we are reaching the bewitching hour when Ted is allowed to get online. Is the Tribe going to let Trot start? Or is he just insurance. Shout out to Mattie, he is trying to ignore me thinking I will quit cracking on him. A'nt gonna happen wooden nickel!

Ted D said...

Sorry guys: 24 was on tonight. Matty, Kaylee is bashing Beckett, and she knows he's my boy. C'mon now Kaylee, first year in a new league and he sets career highs for wins, innings pitched, and no DL. He'll be fine: 20 game winner this year, and ace of the staff.

Bub, Trot is gonna platoon with Casey Blake: LH/RH, much like he did in Boston this past year. He'll play against RHP, and sit against LHP.

And kaylee, the fact he punked the Yankees in '03 should be enough to convince you of the mans historical importance: 9 inning complete game on 3 days rest to vanquish the Yankees is enough to make me a fan of his for life.

Tex said...

just checking in to let you know Im ok. I debated on paying a police officer to handcuff me for laughs :)
I stayed an extra day to catch another game...on my way to airport.
You have GOT to bring your family once in your lifetime to Spring Training!!

Ted D said...

Tex, glad you had a safe vacation: thanks for the update, I was fixing to call the Ft Myers PD and ask them to find the "crazy Red Sox lady with the huge Texas flag".

I need to take them. We can stay with Ciera's godfather who works with the Indians organization. Maybe next year when the baby is older.