Thursday, March 1, 2007

First Game

Since 2 more Spring Training games were played today, this can be filed under "yesterday's news", but since night time is the only time I can write, I'm doing it anyway.

The good news from the first game of 2007?

Julio Lugo got his first hit and RBI as a Red Sox.

After spending his time with the big club looking like a chipmunk on 'roids in 2006, Dustin Pedroia is slimmed down and swinging the bat like his minor league numbers reflect.

Schill went 2 innings, gave up 2 hits, and of his 19 pitches, 15 were strikes. Forget the fact he is starting to resemble a clean shaven David Wells: my man pitches well when he feels disrespected.

Papi is still Papi: drew the biggest cheers each time up, and with the shift on, STILL laced a RBI single into right.

In his first appearance of the year, Crazy Julian threw a ball BEHIND a guys head. It was accidental (at least I think it was, with him you never know) so I'm not really worried. I just love the fact that every time he takes the mound, I get that feeling in my stomach that I got every time Tyson has fought since he ate Holyfields ear: you NEVER know what is gonna happen.

Now for the bad news from the first game.

We kissed our sister and tied the Twins. I know it's only Spring Training, but a tie? C'mon now.

Julio Lugo made the first, of what I sadly feel, will be many errors this year. Yeah, dude can rake, but I think I'm REALLY gonna miss Gonzo. If ever there was a magician playing SS, Gonzo was it.

Crazy Julian, with the Sox up 4-1, gives up a 3 run dinger to Joe Mauer, eerily reminding me of the many times last season I spent with my head in my hands while he pitched, much like Schilling used to do as a member of the Phillies whenever Wild Thing Mitch Williams would come in.

Best part of last night for me? I watched my first game with my little boy Trot. He is sick and running a fever, which is the only time he will sit still in your lap. He and I sat on the floor for the first hour of the game, him in my lap, as I pointed out Papi, Mikey, Tek, and Schill to him. Yeah, I know he had no clue what I was talking about: It doesn't matter.

Me and my little boy watched his first game together.


Tex said...


Ted D said...

Glad you made it safe and sound Tex. Even more glad I heard no FAA violations were issued today!

Have a GREAT time, and be safe.

Kaylee said...

Crazy julian?He aint crazy he is my guy:)

Kaylee said...

Hows your little boy feeling:-)

Ted D said...

Kaylee, he's a lot better thanks. Back to his wild ways already. And when I call Julian crazy, it's a compliment. Guy cracks me up.

Kaylee said...

Your wellcome.In that case,well then call Julian Crazy all you want Beckett is a much better pitcher:-)

Christine E. said...

Hey Ted:

Alas, I did not get to see the game..but I listen to it, which is totally not the same...:-(

Thank you for the update, tho..I cannot wait to see Daisuke in the regular season..:-)

SO glad your Trot is doing better--and I am glad you two had fun watching his 1st game together--that is so cool..

Kaylee LOVES every member of hte Red Sox--I think she is going to move to Utah so she can marry them all..LOL ;-) (just teasing Kaylee!)

Go Sox!

Kaylee said...

//Kaylee LOVES every member of hte Red Sox--I think she is going to move to Utah so she can marry them all..LOL ;-)//

No you see I would only do that for Dustin Pedroia or TEK!I love my RED SOX WHAT CAN I SAY?

Ted D said...

My brother in law Scott picks this of all weeks to go skiing with his family: christine and kaylee start talking about converting to Mormanism just to marry Sox players, and I'm the only male around!

christine, being a Dad is the best job in the world: hard, but great. Simple things like watching a game with my kids means everything. My 3 year old Rakes is REALLY into the Sox: I'm looking forward to watching a bunch with him this year.

Kaylee said...

Sorry just had to defend myself:)