Monday, January 24, 2011


Ang took the kids to see their "Mawmaw Annie" at the rest home often. In a place filled with sickness and sadness, I'm sure the sight of 3 very loud, fast moving and quick talking kids caused a 50/50 mix of fear and delight depending on which resident you asked.

When Trot was a little over two and Rakes was probably just getting ready to turn five, while on one of those visits to see Annie, Ang turned her back for probably 15 seconds.

In those 15 seconds Rakes grabbed a flashlight off a nightstand, he and Trot snuck out the door and made their way down to the room of, I assume, a perfectly nice gentleman. When Ang found them, Trot was merrily unrolling this man's toilet paper at about 35 sheets per second while Rakes was standing over the thankfully sleeping man, shining the flashlight in his eyes and yelling "Wake up, Grandpa!"

Annie loved that story and loved seeing her "babies" as often as she could and the kids felt the same way.

Annie passed away early this morning. She'd been sick for a long time and while someone you love dying is never an easy thing, Ang and her family were glad they had her for 87 years.

As I get older I find myself being asked to be a pall bearer at more funerals than I like and even though it's an honor to ME it's not really easy to say yes every time.

But for this sweet, gentle lady full of love and warmth who for some reason thought Heckle and Jeckle were the greatest thing since the microwave?

It was a really easy decision.

Safe travels, Annie.


fla beck said...

Sorry for your loss,Ted.

Tex said...

I'm sure Annie is telling all the Rakes and Trot stories to Jesus while he laughs while God is over to the left shaking his head and sighing :)

Please whisper to Annie to give Dustin a hug for me

Ted D said...

Thanks, Becky. She was Ang's grandmother and the last of our grandparents to die. Getting older sure does suck. And Tex? Knowing Annie, she already has.

BB said...

"The world is a tough place, you're never going to get out of it alive."
- Charleton Heston

I don't buy into any of the "death is just another part of life" crap - death sucks, plain and simple.

I'll drink a cold one for Annie tonight Ted. My best to Ang and the kids.

Ted D said...

Well said, BB. Thanks my friend.

~**Dawn**~ said...

My sincere condolences to your family, Ted. Goodbyes are never easy for those of us left behind. Thank God we have the hope & promise of Heaven to bring us a measure of comfort.

Stacy said...

Annie was precious.

What I wouldn't have given to see Rakes shining that flashlight on some poor sleeping grandpa. Sounds just like that scene from Dennis the Menace. :)

Ted D said...

Thank you very much, Dawn. Means a lot. And Stacy, I wish I could have seen that one; those two boys would drive a tee totaller straight into a bottle of ripple.