Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day of Rest

Having a headache in my house while wishing for peace, happiness, good will toward men and for Trot to stop singing that song from "Aladdin" over and over again has about the same odds of Jr playing point guard for the Celtics.

So I spent the day with one eye open watching football while chaos and carnage raged on beside me and uttering the phrase "WILL YOU TRY AND BE QUIET" roughly 8,000 times. And as usually happens when I get a headache, it was cold enough outside I could have hung meat outside so no letting them run around the neighborhood terrorizing old ladies and random dogs.

Another given of me having a headache is I ended up apologizing to Ang several times for being a Grade A jack wagon and probably have to take the kids to the park AT LEAST 3 times to make up for the volcanic like eruptions that went off at various intervals.

Some days I really wish life came with a do-over button.


fla beck said...

Don't be so hard on yourself,Ted. That is a job for the other 2 Amigos!

Ted D said...

True. But they weren't here today, so I had to improvise. ;)

alexis_RSN_South said...

Josh is trying to convince me to come on the next road trip.

We're going to need a bigger car. And Rich and I might come to blows over music selection.

Ted D said...

It won't be Rich with the music; it's JB. Trust me on this one.