Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Pray for His Bus Driver Next Year

In taking Trot to school everyday, I've mastered the art of having a conversation about ANYTHING.

From asking me to "make the sun stop shining in my eyes" to discussions about why does Sponge Bob live in a Pineapple to the always popular "Where do babies come from?". I'd even go so far to say that driving that little maniac to school helps me prepare for my job, where the art of improv and thinking on your feet come in pretty handy.

Today was pretty standard fare; he sang "Angels We Have Heard On High", badly mangling the lyrics and at one point I'm pretty sure he warbled "Gloria, in except of speeding tickets" while I tried to come completely awake and not run the car off the road.

Our usual scenario once we get in the car line is him to climb into the front seat and either roll the window up and down 3,599 times or raise/lower the passenger seat so many times that I'm pretty sure Vegas has an over/under on when he'll burn the motor out while I wonder why I get him there at 9 when they don't ever bother to come get them until 9:05.

Today? He switched things up. Climbing up beside me, he put his book bag in the seat, climbed into the floor and laid on his back while propping his feet up on the seat. Watching all this in silence, once he was comfortable I asked the obvious question.

"Son. What in God's name are you doing?"

His answer?

" 'Tause it's WARM down here."

Can't argue logic I guess.


Tex said...

Wait till he tries driving from that angle

Ted D said...


~**Dawn**~ said...

I completely lost it at "Son. What in God's name are you doing?"

Ted D said...

Dawn, mornings with him are always a crap shoot. He's the most care-free kid I've ever seen.

fla beck said...

I love the fact that he thinks you CAN make the sun stop shining in his eyes!

Ted D said...

He's deranged, Becky. Totally deranged.