Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Here. Almost.

*Picture courtesy of Kelly O and*

(I think.)

Today was like the day before the day before Christmas; there's lots of parties and hoopla but the big day is still one day away. While some teams started the regular season others, including the Red Sox, are waiting until tomorrow where it'll be Crabby against C.J. Wilson and the Rangers to kick off the season.

I've waited 6 months. I'm guessing one more day won't kill me. Although if I have many more conversations on the phone with Trot like I did today?

I can't promise anything.

Trot: (Answering the phone) "What?"

Me: "Trot? What are you doing?"

Trot: "I'm Superman. Who is it?"

Me: "It's Dad. Where's Mom?"

Trot: "She's dead."

Me: "Dead? Where's Nanny?"

Trot: "She's dead too. I'm here all by myself."

Me: "Put Mom on the phone you knucklehead."

Trot: "I tan't. She's dead. Can you bring me a chicken wrap after work?"

3 more minutes of this and I'm wondering who let the 5 year old answer the phone, how can I go from being completely calm to a ball of nerves over a phone call, and if I ever find the MLB Scheduler who decided it was fine for the Red Sox and their fans to wait another day to start the season I'm either pantsing him or just kicking him in the gibleys, whichever one takes the least time.


Tex said...

Seriously, Trot needs his OWN sitcom

Ted D said...

Yes he does. Have fun at Opening Day today, Tex.