Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Another Ho Hum Birthday for Dennis the Menace.

So, we had a little "incident" in the neighborhood today. This afternoon, while I was at work, Ang and the kids were outside playing and even though I've screamed "look both ways before you go into the road" until I was fairly certain my throat was going to bleed and even though we live in a residential neighborhood with Kids at Play signs everywhere and a 4 way stop in the middle of the street there are more people than I care to think about who think of our little road as the American equivalent of the Autobahn.

Somewhere tonight in our little town there is an idiotic woman who was tailgating the yard truck Trot DID see but couldn't see her because she was too close and going to fast that should be extremely grateful I wasn't home today when she came flying down the street, had to swerve to avoid Trot, and then had the unmitigated gall to lay on her horn and then call the police because, and I quote, "every time I come through here there are kids outside playing".

Yes, you moron. There are kids outside. Hence all the freaking SIGNS. Not only that, it's a NEIGHBORHOOD, not the Interstate you wing nut. Not only did she pull around the corner to make her call to 5-0, she parked in front of my neighbors driveway. Who calmly informed this waste of air that her disabled daughter's bus was due any second and she needed to move her car so the bus could make it's stop. Idiot driver then insisted she didn't HAVE to move.

Now, if I'd been here this whole thing would have gone completely different. For one, I have no patience for people who have no disregard for children. Secondly, I LIVE here and dingbat doesn't. Third, I have no problem being a complete horses a** when it comes to MY kids. After Ang called and filled me in I'm pretty sure my blood pressure rose to stroke-like levels; nothing like thinking about your child getting run over by a car to get your motor running.

Trot turned 5 this morning. And but for the grace of God he quite possibly wouldn't made it to tomorrow. So to the clueless jackass who nearly ran my child over today?

I REALLY hope you come back through when I'm home.

If you're driving in a residential neighborhood please remember it's a RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD and not the 501 Expressway.



fla beck said...

That is frightening,Ted. I am so happy he's ok. Same thing in my neighborhood. People drive too fast. On a lighter note, I hope the rest of his birthday was a happy one.

Ted D said...

Becky, it's my worst nightmare. Thanks for the good thoughts and the little maniac had a great day.

HorshamScouse said...

Scary stuff, Ted. Sleeping policeman (speed bumps) drive me mad as a driver but they have a place in residential streets, as do chicanes and other traffic calming measures.
So glad he's OK.

Stacy said...

First things first...I am SO, SO thankful that Trot is ok. Thinking about what could have happened is just frightening. God definitely had his angels protecting Trot.

Secondly, I wish you HAD been home. Someone needed to call the police on HER.

Rich in the Garage said...

Too bad its not MA plates. I'd run em for you and send her address over to JB.

Ted D said...

Scouser, we've asked the city on several occasions to put in speed bumps but nothing yet. Sis, if I'd been home I'm pretty sure the boys would have learned some new vocabulary words and the high and mighty driver wouldn't have felt so high and mighty. And Jr, don't tell me you don't have connections with the NCDMV. I'll be disappointed if you tell me no.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'd have gone OFF. Probably a God thing that you weren't home, just as much as Trot not getting hit. You'd probably be in the pokey right now singing Lionel Ritchie hits.

Can't tell you how glad I am that he's ok.

Rich in the Garage said...

I do not.

Ted D said...

It was definitely a good thing I wasn't home; it would have been ugly. I'm truly disapointed, Jr.