Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Great Escape

I had been outside playing soccer with the boys for about an hour this evening when Keegan, running like there was a milk bone truck rounding the corner, came flying out of the house and took off down the street so fast I barely had time to process it.

Turns out Rakes had left the door in the garage wide open when he came back outside so the dog decided to take an afternoon run. Ang gets in the van to try and find him while Trot and Rakes jump on their electric scooters like some demented Neighborhood Watch team and Ciera alternates between calling the dog's name and yelling "I Hate You!" at Rakes. Meanwhile I'm secretly thinking that my problem has been miraculously solved and imagine the dog running toward freedom with a smile on his face.

His freedom, and my fantasy of a dog-less existence proved to be short lived and I'm happy (or not so happy) to say the dog is currently laying at my feet after being found at a house about a half mile from ours by a surprised home owner.

I should have got a turtle.


Stacy said...

Rakes "published" this story with me in class today. I think he had actually written a different story about Keegan, but this was apparently more exciting. It was really cute, btw. :)

Ted D said...

He felt really bad about leaving the door open so in that regard I'm glad the dog came back.