Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello Again

After several weeks of being on "green" at school with just a few "yellows" mixed in we finally had another Defcon 4 today. Trot came home on "red".

When I tried to to find out what happened during our daily phone call/status update once he got home from school he spent 3 minutes pretending he didn't hear me after I asked what happened. Once that jig was up he told me that some random kid pushed him and told the teacher Trot was the pusher and not the pushee. In a way only a Dad who thinks his son has been wronged, I spoke with righteous indignation and told him I would fire off an email to his teacher.

This was met by stunned silence, a few seconds of the phone being rattled and the words "Here's Nanny".

Turns out he basically shut out the teacher all day and did what he wanted to which resulted in him landing on red and getting grounded for the rest of the week. Think "Ferris Buellers Day Off", only Ferris is a bald 6 year old, can't drive and didn't get away with it.

If he ever comes home and tells me his best friend is named Cameron and he likes a girl named Sloane I'm gonna run into the woods behind the house and live in a tree until he leaves home.

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