Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sad. But Happy.

I gotta apologize for the short post today: as much as I'd like to ramble on about the latest idiotic statement I made to Angie, I can't tonight. Baby Trot has had a 104 degree fever for the last 2 days, and he and I are home alone for the evening. A handful in good days, he is especially ornery when he's sick.
So, I'm sad he's sick and feels so bad.
But I'm happy too: because the first game of the year is on tonight. Yeah, it's only Spring Training, and yeah, it don't count. I could care less: Schill will be on the hill, and there will be real, actual baseball.
At 7 o'clock tonight, Trot and me will assume the Sox watching position.
I can't wait.


Kaylee said...

Hopw he feels better soon!My baby brother is sick today too and I get to babysit him!JOY!At least I will get to watch baseball:)

Matt said...

I'm only posting to say that I hope my little nephew feels MUCH better soon. Poor little guy!

I'm not going to comment on all the potshots that have been hurled my way over the past few days. You boys are like the Sista's in Shawshank: you're mighty tough when Andy can't defend himself.

3 weeks until closing. Then, Mattie's back in the saddle.

And I gave the Huggy Bear suit to Goodwill.

I couldn't even sell it at a yard sale.

So sad. That yellow suit was pimpin.

Tex said...

feel better Baby Trot!!!
and Ted...when are you Men ever gonna learn??? better to bite your tongue...than to eat your words. :)

Im SO EXCITED!!!!! leaving tomorrow

Ted D said...

Scott, did Matt just refer to us as the sista's? Thems fightin' words.

Matt, that suit WAS pimpin'. All you needed were some glass platform shoes with goldfish swimming in them.

"How much for a sip of coke? 50 CENTS! How much is it if I just stick my head under the spigot?"

Christine E. said...

Hope baby Trot feels better! I bet he'll be terrorizing the house again before you know it..:-)

Happy 1st day of baseball--whoo hoo!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Tex, I hope you have a great time at ST. Be safe and take pictures!

Christine, I watched the game tonight and one thing stuck out: Dustin Pedroia has lost a LOT of weight. He looked like a chipmunk last year, and is like a stick now. Papi got a RBI, Lugo got a RBI, and Tavarez almost beaned someone. All in all, lots of fun all around!

Matt said...

Dude, do you know where I can get my hands on a pair of those shoes?

Ted D said...


Pimps R Us?

Kaylee said...

I hope Trot is feeling better today:)

Ted D said...

Kaylee, Thank you for asking. He was still running a fever all day, but it's not quite as high. My wife took him back to the Doc to check for strep, but it's just some virus.