Monday, December 27, 2010

Coming Soon.

As the chaos know as the Christmas Holiday finally winds down and all the gifts have been open and dinners have been eaten and Trot has had, hopefully, his last epic meltdown of the Yuletide season I find myself taking a moment to reflect.

My family had a fantastic Christmas. I got to see friends from Boston and family from Oklahoma and got cards from all over the country that were sent by people who thought enough of me and my raging band of lunatics to take the time to send us a note saying they were thinking about us.

My kids got pretty much everything they wanted (Except Rakes and the elusive I Pod. I keep having to remind him he's SEVEN.) and while I didn't get Peace on Earth I at least got Nobody Went to the ER.

Yeah, my house is sort of a mess still, and yeah that is kicking my OCD into overdrive but I'm pretty sure by Sunday it'll be back to normal, the kids will be fussing about having to go to school, and I'll be back to debating with myself whether I should go ahead and buy that home Heart Attack Paddle kit I saw in the L.L. Bean catalog or just let it ride and hope for the best.

But as I sit here with snow on the ground, my driveway packed with ice and the sounds of Trot yelling like a banshee some 4 hours before echoing in my mind, there is one image that I found that reminds me better, warmer days are ahead.

I'm not sure how many days it is until pitchers and catchers report, but I do know it's closer today than it was yesterday.

And that's good enough for now.

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Tex said...

that picture makes me happy and sad. Happy cos I'm ready for baseball but sad cos I thought this coming year I would be able to go to ST again.
Im SO ready to see seams and woods

Ted D said...

Don't give up yet, Tex. Still a ways to go.

~**Dawn**~ said...

48 days. I am living for the day that they are 4 hours south of me. Just knowing they're there, tossing around a baseball in a game of is enough to keep me clinging to sanity til Opening Day.

Ted D said...

48 days. I can handle that.