Monday, December 13, 2010

The NFL: Not For Long Term

According to the Associate Press, concussions are up 21% this year over last year. After all the new rules and fines and general freaking out by the league, concussions have gone UP.

Watch the video I linked. There is the equivalent of a car wreck on every. single. play. After they reach the age of 45 I would bet you there aren't too many men who played professional football who don't need 30 minutes, a pie chart and an algebra teacher to figure out the physics of putting on a pair of pants in the morning due to chronic pain. Yes, they choose a violent way to make a living. And yes, they get compensated extremely well to play the game. Nobody put a gun to their head and told 'em to do it and most go into knowing they are giving up years on the back nine to play the front.

Saying all that, the NFL wants to INCREASE the number of games from 16 to EIGHTEEN next year.

The NFL is a printing press for money; the league, the owners, the players, the television networks and the advertisers all profit. And if they have a work stoppage or lock out or whatever they want to call it next year I'll be as ticked off as the next guy.

UNLESS it's over the players refusing to play those 2 extra games.

When it comes to their long term health?

I'll take their side every time.


Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

part of the increase is due to awareness, and mandatory reporting of what used to be called dings

but yea...18 games is crazyness

Ted D said...

I remember watching Aikman get smelling salts on the sidelines and come back in the next series. So I get what you're saying about the awareness. But 18 games is completely whacked out.