Saturday, December 4, 2010


Looks like Youk is moving back to Third Base and the Adrian Beltre era in Boston lasted approximately 1 year, which I gotta admit; sort of sucks. No more home runs hit from a kneeling position, no more defensive plays at third that looked like something out of "The Matrix", and no more demented looks while chasing some teammate who thought it would be hilarious to rub the head of an insane person.

Let the Adrian Gonzales era commence.

Check out his career stats here, playing close attention to 2007-2010.

This is gonna be fun to watch.

In an unrelated note, I'm taking the kids to THIS tomorrow afternoon.

God help me.


Tex said...

I have GOT to start just rooting for the name on the front.
This falling in and out of love is killing me

Ted D said...

I'm right there with you, Tex. It gets tougher and tougher every year.

Tex said...

Maybe I'll cross out 29 and write in whatever Gonzo's number will be on my Beltre shirt
oh says Beltre ;)

BB said...

never buy shirts until they sign a contract. that's the way i roll.

Ted D said...

BB: The voice of reason. Who woulda figured it?

Tex said...

Who said anything about buying a shirt? I already had my Beltre shirt and I may still need it after today's implosion :)