Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I had my picture taken with Red Auerbach in Boston back in June.

It was that kind of year.

Unexpected trip to my favorite place on earth thanks to the kindness and generosity of JB and countless other great people combined with the Three Amigos Wandering Spectacular to Florida and Georgia helped make 2010 one for the ages.

It also greatly lessened the sting of turning 40 and the inevitable collateral damage of also turning officially middle aged.

My wife still loves me, my kids haven't killed me yet, I've got 2 great friends (one being a certifiable lunatic and the other just plain certifiable not withstanding) and the Red Sox have loaded up the Gatling Gun for the upcoming season.

Here's to 2011 being even better.


Tex said...

Ive got a pic with Red but it was taken at 2 or 230 am....and that's all I'm admitting to

Friends are the best
(after family of course)

Ted D said...

Probably for the best, Tex. ;)

Rich in the Garage said...

Its not nice to call Josh a lunatic.

Ted D said...

You are the lunatic, Jr. He's just certifiable.

Rich in the Garage said...


Well in that case you're right.

Sam Jackson's Lovechild said...

i liked my picture with red slightly more

Ted D said...

See? Certifiable.

Tex said...

again....MY picture is well uhmmm better might not be 'the phrase' I'd use. Perhaps better to get arrested for would fit the bill....but I'll leave it at that

Ted D said...

Yeah. He's disturbed.