Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sometimes they surprise you.

Thanks to two couples who popped in the store at approximately 6:55 p.m. tonight and a quick drive to my Mom's to say goodbye to my sister and her family before they headed back to Oklahoma, I got home a little after 8 tonight.

Surprisingly, Rakes and Trot were actually sitting still on the couch watching some Charlie Brown special and not re-enacting the final 7 minutes of the Undertaker vs Mankind "Hell in a Cell" match and I was told Ciera was spending the night with her friend across the street.

It wasn't 2 minutes later the doorbell rang and Ciera was on my front porch. Letting her in, I gave her a big hug, asked about her day, and inquired why she was home.

Remember, she's 12 going on 30 and full of raging hormones. Her reply to my question?

"I was watching to see when you came home. I just wanted to come give you a hug and tell you I love you."


They go and do something that breaks your heart.

In a totally great way.


Stacy said...

That girl is definitely a sweet one.
Takes after her mother, you know. :)

Ted D said...

She is sweet. But her MOTHER? ;)

Tex said...

she's got a heart of gold just like her daddy too. :)
You know you've set some pretty high standards for the fellas

Ted D said...

I don't know about all that, Tex. But she's a really sweet little girl.

fla beck said...

What a wonderful young lady you are raising. Are we still on for the arranged marriage to the Boy? ;)

Ted D said...

She's a sweetheart. And if you and Scott are good? Then so are we. Save me a LOT of aggravation. ;)