Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Circus is coming. Somebody warn the Ringling Brothers.

Rakes' First Grade class went to the circus for a Field Trip today. Half of me was hoping he'd have a blast and the other half was hoping he'd realize that a career as a clown wasn't exactly the road he wanted to take.

Meanwhile, one of the ladies who sells us advertising at the store called and let me know she got me 5 free tickets for said circus this weekend, and seeing as how Saturday is my day off, it looks like the family will be finally, truly "A 3 Ring Circus", at least for a few hours.

Armed with this bit of news I figured I'd call Rakes once he got home from school and ask him what I should be expecting in a few days. Per usual, I didn't get the answer's I thought I'd get.

Me: "Rakes, how was the circus today?"

Rakes: "Good".

Me: "What was your favorite part?"

Rakes: "I don't know".

Me: "Well, I've got tickets for all of us to go again on Saturday, so I wanna tell Trot what to look for".

Rakes: "I don't know".

Me: (After banging the phone against my head for 27 seconds) "OK, buddy. We'll figure it out when we get there".

Rakes: "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad....... I saw a really cool sno-cone. Can we get one of those?"

After three hours of lions, tigers, bears, clowns, rings of fire, midgets, tight rope walkers and motorcycles going 70 mph in a round steel ball he wants the $8 sno-cone.

Jon Lester arrived at Ft. Myers today.

That news alone will get me through the circus, the sno-cone's, and most of Sunday.


Stacy said...

Can't wait to read the post about THIS family adventure! I personally love the motorcycles in the big ball. :)

Ted D said...

Should be interesting, at the very least.