Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rated T: For Terrified.

The kids make some walking around money by doing odd chores around the house like making their bed, cleaning their room, peeing in the designated peeing areas, and confining all dirty clothing to the clothes hamper. Or at least in the vicinity of the clothes hamper.

All of the above I did as a child, but not for any monetary reward; no, I did it or my Pop and his belt find my rear end faster than it takes the average computer to log onto the Internet. But in the brave new world I find myself raising children in, apparently it's now required by the parent to reward the child for actually, you know, doing what they're supposed to.

Anyways, Ang took Chip and Dale to Gamestop tonight to buy a new game for their DS's. Trot chose "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" to go along with the 27 other Star Wars DS games they already have. They also have Sponge Bob games, Mario Brothers games, Baseball games, and something called Crash Bandicoot, which is the best I can tell a demented Fox who rides skateboards and stuff around. So when Rakes asked me to guess which one his Mom let him pick out I was expecting either "Sponge Bob: Live in Bikini Bottom" or "Indiana Jones has gotten really, REALLY old and the Temple of Doom" or something at least in that genre.

THIS is what my 7 year old, slightly hyperactive and borderline Wackadoodle picked out and his dear, sweet, naive, and totally stressed out Mom let him get.

That sound you hear is whatever was left of my sanity exploding somewhere in the Middle East as Rakes gleefully fires away with his, and I quote, "Really, REALLY big gun, Dad!".


Rich in the Garage said...

Video games are a good thing, though COD is probably slightly out of his realm of understanding. At his age I was palying doom like it was my job. I turned out just fine.

And Crash is a bandicoot, not a fox. A genetically altered bandicoot. No I don't know what a bandicoot is.

Ted D said...

//I turned out just fine.//

Right. You turned out TOTALLY well adjusted.

Stacy said...

Poor Ang...she MUST have been stressed. Can't wait for the free-for-all this afternoon! :)

Ted D said...

Good luck, sis. You're gonna need it.

HorshamScouse said...

"Rated M 17+"

Ted D said...

John, the one he got is rated T. I DID check that.

fla beck said...

As a newb,I should tell you that after a week or so,you totally get used to the sound of gunfire. Also,we have a support group. I'll send you the Boy's gamertag! ;)