Thursday, February 17, 2011

One and One Equals 11

Trot got an award for being "The Best Listener at Pre-School" today.

I'm pretty sure this falls right in between "The Moon Blocks out the Sun" and "Ryan Sechrest becomes President" in the "9 Sign's of the Apocalypse".

Meanwhile Ciera is fighting the flu, I've got a migraine, and Rakes is still trying to figure out why my old cell phone won't allow him to make phone calls and download pictures to Facebook.

Never mind the fact he's 7 and doesn't even HAVE a Facebook account.

Adrian Gonzales is a Red Sock. Adrian Gonzales is a Red Sock. Adrian Gonzales is a Red Sock.

I figure if I say it enough times it'll make all the other stuff go away.


Stacy said...

Best listener award.
I must admit I'm a tad surprised myself. :)

Ted D said...

In a related note, I just saw a pig fly by.

Rich in the Garage said...

Hell has indeed frozen over.

...Though its still slightly warmer than I expected.

Ted D said...

No worries, Jr. It'll be back to sub zero temps in Boston by next week I'm sure.

Tex said...

In other news, Trot has learned to clone himself, a quiet self
Meanwhile in the schoolyard, Trot is playing on the monkeybars

Ted D said...

::slaps head:: Why didn't I think of that?