Monday, January 22, 2007

Baby Steps

My little boy Trot took his first two steps on his own today, and of course, I was at work and did not get to see it. He's almost 10 months old now, so he's been pulling up and holding onto things while walking for a little while now. But today, he took the first 2 steps of his life today. I'm just mad I did not get to see them.
Like any baby learning to walk, he's got his battle scars. I don't think at any time in the last 3 months or so he has not had at least 2 bruises or knots on his head. We've had busted lips, scars, knots, and even a fall down the stairs, so I know it's toughened him up. It is really something to watch unfold before your eyes: starts off with sitting up, then pulling up, then sorta balancing like some extra large bobble head for awhile, then what happened today: his first step on his own.
It won't be long now, and he'll be cruising all over the place. Which is great: the downside? He and his brother are going to be hell on wheels. Rakes is a BIT of a handful and just imagining the havoc the two of them will wreak makes me weak in the knees.
Watching the season last year was a lot like watching a baby go through that progression of learning to walk. The Red Sox started the year with a lot of young players: Craig Hansen, Manny Delcarmen, Jon Lester, and Jonathon Papelbon. Like my boy, they had their falls, bumps, and bruises. And like any time you put several babies together, some will get the hang of the walking faster than others. I'd say Papelbon picked it up quick, along with Lester, while Hansen and the others had a few more scrapes and bloody lips. I guarantee it toughened them up though.
This year, the plan is to start the season with Dustin Pedroia starting at second base. He came up late last year, and had his struggles. He showed enough to management that they seem confident he'll be OK. Sure he'll have his moments where he looks like he's gonna careen off into the wall, but he'll straighten himself out.
It's gonna be fun watching my boy get better at walking every day.
Gonna be fun watching the younger Sox players do the same.


NJ Sox Fan said...

I love every step. Let hope this year there are a lot less battle scars and way more "atta boys".

Ted D said...

Thanks Jersey girl. You got the first post! From your lips to Gods ears on your comments.

Tex said...

As usual, your posts say it all! does your wife read your blogs? So she knows what a talented writer you are.

but without battlescars...there are no lessons to learn. just pray for few so they learn them fast.

Stacy said...

Way to go, Trot! Tex is right; the battlescars are our best teachers.
Love you little buddy!

Peter N said...

I also love reading you! You have a way with words that I try to attain. Sometimes I do...sometimes, well............take care guy! Love the blog.

Kaylee said...
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Ted D said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone: means a lot. And Tex, yep she reads the blog. She does not know half of the players I write about, but she reads it! Say's she even likes it.

Kaylee said...

My baby brother is learning how to craw now and he gets into everything and wants to put it all in this mouth:)

JET said...

Yay for Trot! "Giant bobble head"...that's great. Back from yoga, heading to bed. Night.

Ted D said...

Thanks JET. You are living up to your name: here and gone in an instant!