Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jack Bauer played for the Red Sox

I love the television show 24. Seen every episode since Day 1, including this seasons first 5 hours, and for my money, it's the best show on t.v. Period. 24 is the name of the show, but it's really Jack Bauer who is the draw: a patriot and soldier, Jack is unflinching in his regard to protect this country.
Jack Bauer has done the following over the course of the first 5 seasons to various people, foe and friend alike, to do his job: cut the head off a pedophile to go undercover (it'd take WAY to long to explain: trust me, the guy deserved it.), chopped his own partners arm off, killed his ex-lover, got hooked on heroin, invaded the Chinese Embassy, shot a woman in the knee to get her husband to talk, spent 2 years being tortured in a Chinese prison (because they obviously did not take kindly to the fact their Embassy was broken into. Something about sovereign territory.), and to top it off, went Dracula on a guy already this year.
All this does not even cover the countless bodies that have met their demise due to Jack shooting, stabbing, choking, and breaking their necks. Yep: Jack Bauer is one bad S.O.B. Yeah, I know it's totally unrealistic that one man could do all that, and that the scenarios played out on the show are ridiculous, and that there is no way a person could talk ALL DAY on a cellphone and it's battery NEVER dies. I still love the show, and it's protagonist, Jack.
Sports has guys like Jack Bauer. Guys who play hurt, do their job without asking why, follow the orders of their superiors, and will go to any length necessary to come out victorious. In football, you have guys like Brett Farve and his consecutive game streak, Emmit Smith playing with the seperated shoulder against the Giants, and Jack Youngblood with the broken leg in the Super Bowl.
Baseball has em' too: Lou Gherig, Cal Ripken, and Jeff Bagwell come to mind. So does Brad Radke, who pitched last year for the Twins with a shoulder that was basically shredded lettuce. The Red Sox have a few Jack Bauer's on the team: Jason Varitek and Mike Lowell come to mind.
But the one guy I always felt had the Jack Bauer vibe? Trot. Played hurt, hustled his tail off, did what was asked, and would have ran through the wall to get that ball. Yeah, he wasn't always pretty, had the filthiest cap and batting helmet in the game, and could be, to put it mildly, a surly cuss when he wanted to. Trot broke down a little as he got older, but shoot, don't we all?
Just like Jack, with Trot you always knew what you were gonna get: a loyal soldier who would give you 100% dedication to the job at hand.
Whether that job is saving the world, or just playing a mean RF.
Good luck Christopher Trot Nixon. We're gonna miss you.


Tex said...

Christopher Trotman Nixon. He is from North Carolina and I believe has a home there. I know I go all proud and all about being from Texas, however, I do enjoy telling people that my heritage also comes from the Carolinas! Very hard working people there...and friendly. Trot is and will always be one that comes to mind when thinking of Red Sox. If he signs with someone will be the strangest sight to see him in another uniform. He's a man's man but a gentleman at heart.

I didn't know you liked 24 Ted :)

Ted D said...

Tex, he lives around Wilmington in the offseason. And if he signs somewhere else, it will be bizarre to see. But even if he does, I see him finishing in Boston.

Tex, you know I LOVE 24!


candaon said...

ted, great read man. Who knew? Good luck Trot. Just one more of the Departed.

Ted D said...

candaon, thanks for coming by: I appreciate it.

Stacy said...

The gentlemanly thing to do would be for Theo to sign Trot and let him finish out his career with the Sox. Loyalty and playing your heart out should be, but often isn't, rewarded.