Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Best Friend

Since I started this whole blogging thing, I have mostly wrote about two things: Red Sox baseball and my children. I realized today that I have not said a whole lot about my wife, who in my humble opinion, is the most kind, warm hearted, loving, most beautiful woman in the world.
We met at 18 when my family moved to North Carolina, but she headed off the our Church College, and I headed off to basically the opposite of where she was going. At 21, my sister I was living with in OK got married, I lost my place to stay, and moved back home to finish school. We had our first date in August of 2001. I came to pick her up in my Dad's Cadillac and with a dozen roses in hand. Smooth, right? I asked her to marry me the next Valentine's Day, and we were married in December, 2002.
14 years later, I'm in love with her more now than I was then. We've got 3 children, who if you read here I adore, and they are GREAT kids: her doing, not mine. She is a great Mom, and for putting up with her idiot of a husband, gets my vote for wife of the century.
This is a woman who puts up with my office at home being basically a Red Sox shrine, my framed picture of Fenway Park in the living room, and my constant wearing of a Sox hat. She acts interested when I tell her about the new pitcher we got from Japan, even though I know that is about as exciting to her as grass growing, and reluctantly gives up the TV for 6 months a year for me to watch the Sox games. Though about every other day, the phrase "There is ANOTHER game on tonight?" gets muttered.
Put it this way: my third child is named Trot. I know Red Sox fans understand this, but believe me, people give you some real funny looks when you tell them you named your son Trot. She just lets it roll off her back, a lot like she lets all the stupid stuff that comes out of my mouth at times. I have said some of the most IDIOTIC things to her over the years, a lesser woman would have back handed me with a frying pan a long time ago.
Don't believe me? How's this: Before we had children, she was teaching school. One Saturday doing housework, I uttered this phrase: "Since I make 5 times as much money as you, I shouldn't have to help clean the house". Brilliant, huh? Thankfully, she has a very forgiving heart. I'm sure over time I'll work in more of the stories in which all of you will wonder: "Why has she not punched him out yet?" Just not today.
Today is my first and probably only post not about the Red Sox.
It was about my best friend.
I love you babe.


Kaylee said...

nice story always gotta mention the people you love=]

Tex said...

One of the reasons I like and admire you so much is because you have always talked about your kids and your wife and meant it. So few men are like that today. Please tell your wife thank you for allowing you to have time to share with us here and on the SG board. I hope that one day you can introduce her to the real Fenway in Boston....I think once she would go to a game, she'd fall in love with the's intoxicating.

My hats off to your wife for being such a great mom and wife.

Ted D said...

Thanks Texas. I am very proud to have her as my wife: I married WAY up in class. Preciate you being so faithful about stopping by here. Means a lot.

Hi kaylee. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Stacy said...

You're right; you married up! I know your wife, and she is all you said, and more. Didn't know the part about the roses on the first date, though. She's also a terrific friend! Just a word of advice: think before you speak, especially if it's some male chauvinist remark. Ask yourself if she's in the mood for your warped humor. If not, keep your thoughts to yourself!

NJ Sox Fan said...

Hi Ted, nice tribute to your wife. She is a lucky lady. I know, I married a prince too.

Ted D said...

Thanks Jersey girl. I don't know about her marrying a prince though: maybe the frog before it was kissed.

Thanks for reading this thing: means a lot, considering you are so busy with your girls.

Kaylee said...

thanks I am feeling alot better i guess:)

Matt said...

Dude, I didn't realize Amanda and I got married before you! And how can you look into the future like that! You can see to 2015?!! You are da man!

Do you need me to check your blog before you post? I'll gladly do the editing, since I'm the smart one.

Your bro, Mattie

Ted D said...

OK, I'm an idiot: I got married in 1992, not 2002.

Matty, I think I need an editor. Can you move up here?