Friday, January 19, 2007

The Big Boy Bed

My 3 year old, Rakes, got his "big boy bed" the other day. He just turned 3 not long ago, and we figured it was time to get him out of the crib finally. Reluctantly. See, the boy is crazy: makes Dennis the Menace seem like a little angel. From lipstick hand prints on the wall, to magic marker on the hardwood floor, this child is ALL BOY. He loves pinching his little brothers cheeks, throwing toys at random things, and yelling at the top of his lungs. His favorite thing to do? Torture his big sister by dropping trou, sneaking up on her naked, and saying "look dissy!" Then, while she squeals at the top of her lungs and runs away, he will gleefully chase her, pants around his ankles and giggling like some deranged lunatic. Yep, that's my boy.
So, you can see why we wanted him in a crib: for 3 years he had never tried to climb out. Not once. That ended this week when his Mom put him in it for time out, and shut the door. About 5 minutes later, he came strutting down the stairs, much like Bonds after one of his monster home runs, looked at my wife and said: "Me dit out of my dib, Mommy". So, instead of dealing with him breaking a limb climbing out of the crib, we got the "big boy bed".
I kind of look at the start of every baseball season like Rakes big boy bed. He likes it OK, but it's been an adjustment. He can sleep in it, but it feels different to him right now, and he is a little unsure of getting in it every time. Last night, he begged me to let him sleep in his crib, but I said no, he needed to get used to it.
To me, the start of every Red Sox season is kind of like that big boy bed: it's new, the players have changed, and you kinda wish for some familiarity. Take this year: Trot is gone, as well as Gonzo and Loretta from the starting 9. Plus, Gabe retired, some coaches left, and only Timlin, Tavarez, Delcarmen, and Hansen are still in the pen'. That is not necessarily a bad thing, just different.
We've added Matsuzaka and Papelbon to the starting rotation, and Foulke has gone off to Cleveland to give THEIR fans ulcers. Point is, I am excited about the coming year, but I will miss the things from last year I got used to, but are no longer here. But, come late May or early June, I won't miss those things and will just be excited about the team the Sox have now.
Kinda like Rakes will feel in a few months. He won't miss that crib at all.
Cause' he has his big boy bed.


Tex said...

Maybe we'll get used to it Ted....I just need some time to get used to it. Humans don't like change..but change is good. I won't forget Trot...and I'm ready for new bring on the big boy's bed!!! well you know what I mean

Ted D said...

I'll get used to it Tex: it will just take a little longer than usual. And besides, with little Trot, I'll never forget Trot Nixon.

JET said...

Well put Ted D. I agree, I always long for the old guys and feel a little disconnected at first watching the new. But I pretty much always end up loving the new guys too in a short period of time.

PS: I hope the Damon doll is out on the curb next to the crib. Don't worry, I'll buy him a WMP doll to replace that old defective one. ;)

Ted D said...

Hey JET! Where have you been? You haven't been on SG at night in a while. Stop by sometime: I can't seem to get on except in the evenings. Thank you for reading this stuff: And Tex, thanks for being so loyal.

Peter N said...

What a proud and happy Dad you are! I'm so happy for you! Peter

JET said...

By the way Tedders, Rakes is adorable. And your entry way looks lovely.

Ted D said...

Thanks JET. He takes after his mother. And the entryway is all her doing too! Hope this finds you feeling better.

Stacy said...

Rakes will get used to that big boy bed a whole lot sooner than I'll get used to Trot being gone from the Sox.

ps - told you he'd stay in it!