Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This picture makes me smile every time I see it. Wily Mo and Papi, arms around each other, heading off the field after a win. It's gotta be a win, cause' the big man don't untuck his shirt unless they have laid the wood to someone. I love the fact that here are two men, two professional athletes who make obscene amounts of money playing a kid's game, and they are acting like they are heading off to the playground to play on the monkey bars. If Manny was in the picture, I'd think that's EXACTLY where they were going.
My Dad lost his brother this year. They had been close for 71 years, which is exactly how long my Pop has walked this earth. And I've got a younger brother Matt, who after my wife, is the person I'm the closest in this world. Kinda like that picture of Papi and WMP, Matt is Felix Unger to my Oscar Madison. He's tall, quiet, and smart while I am short, loud, and well..., lets just leave it at that. Matty is a deep thinker who loves sitting outside hugging trees, where I start getting antsy if I'm more than 50 feet away from the television. Matt is a hockey fanatic who became a Red Sox fan because I am, while I don't know a blue line from a hole in the ground. Point is, for all those differences, we are as close as 2 brothers can be.
Now I have 2 boys. Rakes is my mini-me, from his loud voice, short body, and boundless energy. Or obnoxiousness whichever one you wanna pick. Trot is already close to weighing the same as Rakes and will probably catch him in the height category sometime this year. As I watch them every day, I sit and wonder if they will be close. If they'll love to play with each other, and if they will tag-team together to send their big sister over the edge. One thing I hope is this: push comes to shove, you're gonna have to go through one if you want to get to the other.
I may be stupid, and many have supported that statement over the years, but I like to think of the Red Sox as 25 brothers. You have got some vastly different men when it comes to personality that you know they all can't like each other. From Manny's flakiness to Tek's stoic nature. From Papi's larger than life personality, to Mike Lowell and his quiet, business-like approach. Schilling and his tendency to talk to anyone, anytime, about anything, to Terry Francona and his get to the point and get it over with attitude.
With all these differences, I still like to think, that if it comes down to it, they are gonna have each others back.
Just like Matt and I do.
And just like I hope Rakes and Trot will too.


Kaylee said...

I love that picture too they look good together.I have 1 brother and 4 sisters.and the only ones i am close to is my 6 month old(but he does not know that yet) brother and my twin sister:).

Ted D said...

Wow, Kaylee. You have a bigger family than I did. I have one brother and 3 sisters.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tex said...

Ted Im home safe and sound. Siblings...aren't they great? I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We kinda have 2 families cos the 3 oldest were born and then 7 years later...I came along by accident and then 4 yrs later my lil sis. Once the older ones were was just me and my lil sis. We fought like cats and dogs but were as close as close could get. Today it's like that with us. We feel one another's pain and joy.

I laughed out loud about the monkey bars comment with Wily Mo, Papi and Manny...they are like just big kids running off to the playground.

I wish for your boys to be as close as your and your brother are.

Ted...again you simply amaze me with your writing and insight.

Stacy said...

I'm sure the boys will be close. Rakes will mastermind the plot and Trot will follow behind doing everything Rakes tells him to.

Wonder if Rakes will tell Trot to cry so he can get his sister in trouble? Hmmmmm Just a thought.

Matt said...

Bro, I have to say, it got a little dusty in the Dalton house when I read that. That's as close to sentimental as I've ever heard you get! I think back to the first times we ever got to hang, out at Cactus Jacks...and how you told me I better not embarass you, or else! We've come a long way, bro! Now, one of the highlights of my year is our annual trek to B-more to catch the Sox for a few games. And bro, you know I've got your back.

Matt said...

I have to say, I'm a little tiffed at being compared to Felix. You're definitely Oscar, but why am I Felix? Maybe the Jack Lemmon Felix, but not the other guy. C'mon.

After reading your posts, and seeing your sentimentality, I think you are just as much a softy as me, you just have a Napoleon complex, and don't want to show it. The truth is out. Ted the Softy.

Love you, bro!

Ted D said...

Just so no one thinks I live an "alternative lifestyle", the guy saying Love you bro is my little brother Matt.

Preciate' you stopping by bubba.

Love you too!