Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How I Wish That It Would Rain.

Due to thunderstorms of biblical proportions I lost satellite feed on my DirecTV tonight from 7:30 to around 8:45, which just so happens to be Sponge Bob standard time at my house.

You would have thought we were back in the stone age; Rakes went nuclear while Trot asked approximately 239 times why the tv wasn't working. After trying to explain to them the concept of satellites, cloud cover, lightning, and El Nino, I finally settled on "It'll come back on when the rain stops and you two stop flipping out."

I'm happy to report something good came out of this awful tragedy of not having television to watch; Rakes asked me and his Mom if we could sit on the couch and talk, which is something we sadly don't do enough of.

However, all of our talking was about the storm; where does lightning come from, would a tornado take out our house, WHAT was a tornado, when is the tv coming back on, and my favorite? Trot walking to the back door every 5 seconds and screaming "TOP IT TORM!", then turning to me and saying in a sad little voice "It didn't work, Dad. It till torming."

Thankfully, order was restored to the universe, the storm passed, the tv came back on and practically in mid sentence while asking me for the 10th time when Papi was going to bat I looked down and Trot had fallen asleep leaning up against my shoulder.

Sometimes I wish it would storm more often.

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