Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night Musings

1. Somewhere deep in my heart I firmly believe there is a picture of Winston Churchill wearing a gaudy pair of swim trunks and showing off for a pool full of teenage girls. 'Cause otherwise this is just a shot of Rakes that I could take again in 10 years and it would look virtually the same.

2. Ciera is having her annual "End of the Year" sleepover, which means I've got 5 pre-teen girls in my downstairs play room watching "Avatar" and yelling "DUDE!" at the top of their lungs. The plus side to all this? My Mom graciously allowed Frick and Frack to spend the night at her house which means I'm only taking 3 years off my life as opposed to 5.

3. Ang is totally fired as my wing man. She went to bed an hour ago and I've still got 5 pre-teen girls that are hopped up on M&M's and soda with no desire to either get quiet or fall asleep.

4. Daniel Nava had the big league debut that even Hollywood couldn't dream up. Undrafted out of college and signed for $1 dollar off some Independent league team he sent the FIRST PITCH he ever saw in the show into the Red Sox bullpen for a freaking GRAND SLAM. Roy Hobbes didn't even do that; well done, young man.

5. My minor mid-life crisis is over for the moment. The full on mountain man beard I'd grown over the last week in currently in the drain in my bathroom sink and I'm back to the goatee for now.

I think I was just freaking out at the reality I'll be in a car with JB and Jr for hours upon end in a few weeks.


Stacy said...

1. Rakes was pretty low key at Caroline's party today. Must have been saving up for the older
girls. :)

2. I saw Nava hit that grand slam. Very awesome, and a curtain call to boot.

3. Glad your mid-life crisis is over. Welcome to life in your 40's. :)

Ted D said...

He was putting on a show, sis. And I can't wait to see Kelly's pictures of Nava.