Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prelude to a Road Trip

I was all ready to wax poetic about the Red Sox sweeping the Diamondbacks or to pull totally useless bits of information out of my nether regions regarding Manny's return to Fenway tomorrow night and I was THIS close to putting up random stats that would come nowhere close to confirming my statistical analysis that the entire infield of Youk, Pedie, Scutaro, and Beltre deserved to start the All-Star game next month.

All that was thwarted when Josh posted a picture on Facebook regarding the 3 Amigos Wandering Down South Mega Epicpalooza that is slated to take place starting a week from tomorrow.

Going on a road trip with my two best friends a few weeks after turning 40?


I just pray I don't end up in some jail like Ralph Macchio and his cousin did in "My Cousin Vinny". 'Cause if they hated Joe Pesci I'm pretty sure they won't welcome Rich with open arms.


HorshamScouse said...

I'll be paloozing on the Left Coast next weekend, demanding pictures and Police reports of your progress through the unsuspecting South East.

I can be called upon to provide bail money in Kiwi dollars if required.

Ted D said...

Have a great trip, John! I'm sure we'll be updating as we go along, as long as the county jails allow internet usage.

Amy B. said...

who will play the role of Joe Pesci?

Stacy said...

One word: Scary. :)

Ted D said...

Was Pesci in "The Three Amigos"?

Amy B. said...

I was thinking of my cousin vinny

Ted D said...

My bad, Amy!

Rich in the Garage said...

who will play the role of Joe Pesci?//

As the sole I-talian on this trip and resident midget I humbly apply myself to the task.

I watch goodfellas last night to touch up on my "colorful language".

Ted D said...

I don't think you need to touch up anything, Jr. I'm kinda scared what the results would be.