Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Reason Jar

For the first time that I can remember, I'm spending Father's Day alone.

Ang and the kids headed to Myrtle Beach with her parents yesterday morning and by now I'm sure the lifeguards at the pool and on the beach are wondering how 3 kids can possible make that much noise while underwater.

They called me last night and told me where to find my Father's Day present, and after repeated assurances from Ang that it wouldn't bite, sting, shock, or cause me to spend a weekend in a out patient facility, I went and got it.

It was a jar with "Daddy's Reason Jar" written on the outside and inside were folded pieces of paper, color coded by person, and written on each one was a reason why they loved me.

Ranging from "Thanks for not killing me for peeing on the carpet" to "you take me to the pool and play ball with me" to "letting me sleep in your bed when I'm scared" all the way to "thanks for not running off EVERY future boy friend I may or may not have" it was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.

Like most Dad's, I have no idea what I'm doing and just sort of make it all up as I go along. I get too worked up over stupid stuff like toys laying around everywhere and public displays of urination and I probably don't get worked up enough over getting in trouble at school or putting your sibling in an Atomic Chicken Wing. I watch too much baseball, spend more time than I need to worrying about the collective ERA of the Red Sox bullpen, and could really work on my short-term patience.

But I try to do all the little stuff my Pop did with me that I still remember today; I can't really remember going to Disney World or taking a tour of D.C. or the Alamo (all of which I did). I DO remember playing catch, swimming at the pool, playing in the backyard, being read to, tucked in, prayed with, and most of all? Told I was loved, repeatedly both verbally and unspoken.

I'm 40 years old and I cannot recall I day where my Pop didn't tell me he loved me. To me, that say's volumes about the character of my Dad. The best thing I can hope for as a Father? That when my kids are 40 they can hopefully say the same thing about me.

Happy Father's Day.


Bickley said...

That made me cry, Ted. It was beautiful.

Ted D said...

Thanks, Bickley. But don't cry!

Stacy said...

Myrtle Beach will never be the same. :)

You're a terrific dad and your kids know you love them. I totally agree about Dad; you had a great example. We've never had to doubt his love for us cause we've been told (and shown) countless times.

Happy Father's Day little brother.

Ted D said...

Thanks, sis. Ya'll have a great time in OK.

fla beck said...

Great post and what a thoughtful gift you received! Happy Father's Day,Ted. See you in a week!

Ted D said...

Thanks, Becky. And it's less than a week now! Give Scott my Father's Day wishes!

Tree Newt said...

Awesome bro. Very, very cool.

Ted D said...

Pretty neat gift, Mattie.

Tex said...

Now look what you did!! gone and made me all teary eyed.

I'm thankful my dad didn't find out half the stuff I did :)
Swell gift.

Ted D said...

Sorry, sis. ;) And he probably did find out, just didn't have the heart to tell you. ;)