Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Paris Island, South Carolina.

Sgt. Slaughter came into my store this afternoon.

All of a sudden it was 28 years ago and I was 12 years old watching Mid-South Wrestling on television and reading Wrestling Magazines with this giant man wearing camo and calling everybody a "maggot" every chance he got.

As he tried out recliners and I kept asking my buddy John "Do you think he'd mind if I asked for a picture?" all I kept thinking was "Ciera is going to totally flip out over this". Granted, the only time she'd seen the Sarge was on Youtube but he was a wrestler and she loves wrestling. So I gathered my intestinal fortitude up and said "Hey Sarge. Do you mind if I get a picture with you? My little girl loves wrestling and she'll totally eat this up."

He was more than gracious and actually stood around and talked about the old days with us for about 15 minutes. Granted, it wasn't a famous actor or musician or anything like that but to a 40 year old man who cut his teeth living, breathing, and sleeping professional wrestling today was a pretty sweet day.

Thanks for letting a middle aged man be a kid again, Sarge.


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

That was smoooth how you said Ciera would love it! Not you...but Ciera! LOL!

Ted D said...

Noticed that, did you? ;)

Tex said...

Oh and here I thought it was some random BIG guy who came in the store :)
Cool story

Ted D said...

Nah, Tex. It was Sgt. Slaughter!

Tree Newt said...

Ok, that is totally awesome! Did you tell him your little brother used to have his G.I. Joe action figure?

BTW, that dude is STILL huge! You look like Rakes beside a normal-size dude!

Way cool!

Ted D said...

Mattie, he's a big man. You can tell he's got some age on him but he was a really nice guy.