Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They may call him "The Bull" someday.

Rakes got his progress report from school today, and amazingly enough, he's doing pretty good. Knows 75 or so sight words, adds like a CPA (but subtracts like his Dad unfortunately), is reading, and hasn't pantsed anyone or clogged up any toilets so far. (That I'm aware of anyways).

As I said his prayers and kissed him goodnight I told him how proud I was of his progress so far this year, he slipped up. It happened so fast I almost didn't catch it, and considering 3 minutes beforehand Trot ALMOST knocked over the sofa table in the living room by treating it like a wrestling ring I wouldn't have blamed myself.

But as I got up to leave his room he uttered "Mr. Agner told Mom that I have to stop laughing so much and stop making Mary laugh too." Mind you, none of this was on the progress report, nothing was mentioned to Angie at the time, and to be honest with you this was the first I'd heard of any "Mary" person and the school year is almost 3 months old.

Maybe he had an attack of a guilty conscience. All I know is this is a kid who wouldn't admit to setting the woods on fire if you caught him with a pack of matches, a can of gasoline, and his clothes black with soot. He'll walk out of the restroom and swear he flushed the toilet with me standing 2 feet away. I once saw him walk up to his brother, rear back and kick him square in the marbles and immediately holler "I didn't do it, Dad!"

So I'm going with total exhaustion as his reason for coming clean tonight.

I've thought and thought about it and can't come up with any other conclusion.

Or he could just be yanking my chain.

I wouldn't put it past the little heathen.

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