Saturday, October 30, 2010

He Fought The Law. And The Law Won.

Today was the annual Fall Carnival at our church, so after work I threw on my Portland Sea Dogs sweat shirt (courtesy of the ever lovely DB) and my Sox cap and flew the 5.8 miles it took for me to get from my store to the carnival.

After finding out where Ang and The Judge, Kojak, and The Convict were located, we proceeded to hit every game, ride, petting zoo, and hot dog stand we could find. After spending around 3 hours there, we headed home for Trick-or-Treat. Being that Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, half the neighborhood was ready tonight while the other half is waiting for tomorrow night, which means double the candy for the kids and the fact I'll yell "TROT! GO UP THE DRIVEWAY AND ON THE SIDEWALK AND NOT THE YARD!" over 1000 times which will set a new world record in case you were wondering.

Other than everyone we know giving a knowing laugh over the fact Trot is dressed like he's headed to Alcatraz, the highlights of the night were Rakes giving a polite "Thank You" to everyone who gave him candy and Trot running pell mell into a storm door around the corner because he thought it was open. I was two houses down and STILL heard him hit the thing, but in his defense it wasn't covered in fingerprints like ours is so how could he know?

Although the fact he was perfectly willing to run into a total strangers house without a second thought does sort of give me pause.

Sweet Moses am I glad Halloween is only once a year.


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Love this! What a cute way to dress the three of them! Does Ciera have glasses now? Or are those just for the role?
Love the part about the fingerprints on the door! So true for us too!!!

Ted D said...

Sonya, Ang came up with the costumes and those were reading glasses. Although after 3 hours of wearing them she'll probably need real glasses now.

Stacy said...

They were sooooo cute! Trot looked like he belonged in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou". (:

Ted D said...

It fits. He makes me a Man of Constant Sorrow from time to time. ;)