Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Public Service Announcement.

Look, I realize times are tough. Bad economy, high unemployment, and most of us can't afford to grab a value meal at McDonalds, much less take the family out for a steak dinner every weekend.

But if I get one more person come into the store and ask me if we have any USED MATTRESSES I'm going to grab them by the shirt (male or female, young or old, healthy or using one of those scooter things to get around), slap them 3 times, and tell them if they want to die a painful, hideous death from some mysterious disease they should just save themselves a lot of headache and just stick their head in the oven at home.

Maybe it's just me; I have to give myself a pep talk just to get in a motel room bed so I may not be the best example.

But it it's either sleep on the floor or sleep on some random persons mattress covered with God only knows what I'm taking the floor every single time.

Why didn't I pay attention in that economics class back in the day?


sittingstill said...

Ted, you just need to create a laminated sheet titled "Bedbugs and You" to hand to the customer as you start your canned speech. A few photos of the bugs, a few of the bites, and you shouldn't even need to move on to "Bodily Fluids* and Fabric Mattresses (*Some Only Partially Fluid)."

Ted D said...

Kelly, you tell them about bed bugs and they just look at you like you've got 3 heads.

I don't get people sometimes.

Stacy said...

Ok, you are wigging me out with all this talk about used mattresses. Yuck.

fla beck said...

I'm with you there,Ted. I spray lysol on the mattress when I change the sheets. Scott hates it so I do it on the sly.

Scott: You lysoled the bed again,didn't you?
Me: ::smile::

Ted D said...

I hope after the Amigos left you had a crop duster on hand. Gotta watch out for JB and Jr.