Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Greatest Series Nobody Will Watch.

As a fan of the game of baseball, I'm stoked about this years World Series. Or as stoked as I can be considering the Red Sox didn't make it.

Two "Cinderella" teams that knocked of the big boys from each league, both teams stacked with pitching and young hitters and old vets led by 2 old school managers that play in beautiful ball parks.

Me? I'll watch every inning, read everything I can about it and get goosebumps when they bring out Willie McCovey and Willie Mays in San Fransisco to throw out the first pitch.

That said, if this series beats out the WNBA, re-runs of "Webster" and CSPAN's "This weeks roll call in Congress" in the Neilson ratings I'll eat my hat.


Tex said...

if by no one you mean the entire state of Texas...then no one will be watching :)

I love it that in 5 years both Texas teams have made it to the World Series....but I got a feeling that the Rangers may pull this off unlike the Stros were able to

Ted D said...

Tex, they'll watch in Texas and San Fransisco, but it's gonna be tough to pull in the casual fan with this matchup. Which is a shame, because it should be a fantastic series.