Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Ward Cleaver Moment

Looking like an extra from "Mad Max" thanks to a spill on his bike before church last night I joined Trot for lunch today. It wasn't but a few minutes in before his teacher came over and informed me Trot was on yellow for random acts of insanity in the few hours he'd been at school.

After what I felt was a really good Father/Son bonding moment where I calmly explained why it's important to listen and do what we're told and with a firm promise he'd be much better the rest of the day I left school feeling really good about how the afternoon would unfold.

Until I got home and saw the note from his teacher telling how he did a flying body roll to a classmate on the rug while laughing like a gorilla on meth.

I have no idea how this kid is going to someday graduate middle school.

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