Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Material Girl Couldn't Top This If She Tried

After sitting through Madonna and a bunch of other people I'd never heard of the other night I got to thinking about the Super Bowl halftime acts over the years.

Thankfully I was too young to remember Up with People and was too much of a metal head at the time to enjoy most of the late 80's/early 90's. The Stones looked old, Bruce rocked, and Prince was fantastic if you like Prince.

For me? Hands down the best halftime show was performed in the shadows of 9/11 when everybody was expecting terrorists to bomb every place where a ton of people were gathered and the Super Bowl was as big a target as any.

4 guys from Ireland rolled into the Big Easy and on a day when the Patriots FINALLY won the big one delivered the most stirring tribute to those who died that horrible day before or since.

I really wish Roger Goodell read this blog.

P.S.? When Bono opens his jacket at the end?

Still gives me goose bumps.


Tree Newt said...

Absolutely, hands down, THE best halftime show ever. None other comes close. And Bono quoting Psalm 51 at the start of the guitar intro....that gets me every time!

Ted D said...

Is that what he was reading? I couldn't tell. But yeah; best one ever for sure.

Stacy said...

Very cool. Never seen it, but I love the scrolling list of names of the victims. And yeah, the jacket is amazing. :)