Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Three Ring Circus Hits The Road

Thanks to the free tickets from a very nice advertising sales lady who comes in the store, I took the kids to the circus today. And while the tigers were great, the elephants huge, the clowns funny, and the music lovingly cheesy, two things happened that really stood out and made it a memorable day.

First, there was a family behind us that, and I don't know this for sure mind you and am only guessing, was probably made up of grandparents that were second cousins, a daughter I'm pretty sure wasn't older than 17 who had a son named Bradley who get my vote for "Most Annoying People on the Planet".

I say this because the Grandmother would yell "Bradley, do you see the clowns?" and "Bradley, do you see the Tigers?" and "Bradley, do you see the elephants?" when there were so many of each out there at the same time I'm guessing Ray Charles could see that it was either clowns or tigers or elephants and he's blind AND dead.

Throw in the fact that Grandpa would give the rebel yell every 5 seconds for anything that happened (which caused Rakes at one point to lean over and ask me if, and I quote "Dad, is that guy OK?") and I was THIS close to turning around and asking him if he'd been dropped on his head at birth.

Second, the Ringmaster had a sidekick who was a midget. Or dwarf. I'm not really sure which one is the politically correct version, but it really doesn't matter. During one of the clown parts he climbed up a tower to rescue Rapunzel and once he reached the top the soaring strains of "I'm too sexy" blared out of the speakers.

And Trot, in full throttle voice, turns to me and yells..........

"Dad! They're playing MY song!"

Spring Training starts the end of this week.

Thank God.


Stacy said...

I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. Hilarious. :)

Ted D said...

It was a scene, sis. I'm telling you.