Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've Finally Lost My Ever Loving Mind

Against my better judgement Ang and I have decided to try to adopt. It's been a long period of prayer and introspection by her and a lot of pleading and crying by me, but she's completely worn me down with pleas for another little one to join our raucous band of future circus performers or as I like to refer to them "Jackass: The New Class".

Part of me hopes the adoption agency shows up for an interview, gets one look at Trot and Rakes imitating the Tasmanian Devil and running around in their underoos and decides to call the whole thing off.

The other half of me sort of misses a 1year old toddling around, peeing on the carpet and destroying anything not nailed down in it's path. So yeah, after 13 years and FINALLY getting everyone potty trained I'm willing to go all in and give it one more shot; we submitted the application just a few minutes ago to add one more member to the 3 Ring Circus we call our home.

Meet Bishop. A one year old Shi Tzu who is crate trained, has all his shots, is fixed, and if this goes through will be the first dog to need a full time shrink after Trot gets through with him.

*P.S. If you see one of the kids keep it on the down low. We're going to surprise them if it all goes through. Thank God Trot can't read and Ciera and Rakes wouldn't get caught dead reading this thing.*


HorshamScouse said...

Had me going for minute there, Ted, then I scrolled down.
I've emailed the SPCA.

sittingstill said...

You had me too, I've got to admit! :) Well done!

(Think it's too late to crate train Trot? Or with this take care of itself naturally if Bishop's crate is big enough?)

Ted D said...

Thanks for letting 'em know, Scouser. And Kelly, if this goes through Trot will be sleeping IN the crate.