Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romance. Or Something.

20 years ago today I did the smartest thing I've ever done, before or since.

I asked Ang to marry me and for some weird reason known only to herself she said yes.

Two decades later here we are, with 3 great kids, a mortgage, taking kids to soccer and dance and church and wondering if I need to sell one kidney or both to pay for college for 3. Or maybe just 2, depending on what happens with Trot in the next few years; either he gets a academic scholarship or he runs off and joins the Foreign Legion. At this point it could go either way.

We've evolved from flowers and candlelit dinners and nights at the movie theater to eating at home with Sponge Bob blaring in the background and movies like "Rio" and "Toy Story". And nights sitting up late talking have turned into both of us struggling to stay awake much less try to form a coherent sentence.

But I guess being able to say you're more in love today than you were back then after factoring in all the other stuff?

Not too bad at all.

Happy Valentines Day, Ang.

And thank God it comes BEFORE baseball season than during it.

Or we may not have made it 20 years.


Stacy said...

I didn't know you two got engaged on Valentine's Day. You were romantic after all. :)

ps - I'm going to start requesting photo credit for my pictures. They are not anywhere near Kelli's league, but I made you look good! :)

Ted D said...

Used to be anyways. ;)