Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bowling. For Dummies

My little band of roaming terrors hit the local bowling alley today and proceeded to basically run amok.

First was the game room where Trot pulled his lone dollar bill out, traded it in for quarters and with the greatest confidence asked me to win him a stuffed animal in one of those Claw games that NEVER work. After trying and failing to convince him that these things are a huge waste of time and money I dropped two quarters in and while I'm trying to convince him I'm not coming up with anything I somehow manage to snag TWO of them with one try. Go figure.

Afterwords we hit the alley where I was pretty rusty but still did 156 and Trot and Rakes decided that throwing underhanded wasn't working and proceeded to chuck the thing like a shot putt before I could stop them. Thankfully I'd sold the kid behind the counter and his mother some furniture a few months back and he just gave me a smile and did the time honored "It's all good" hand motion.

It cost me $25 and a mild tremor in my right hand but all in all?

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Finally, on the Bishop front we, along with several other applications are being considered so hopefully we'll hear something in the next few days. In a surprising turn of events, Ang is out in front as the one who is gonna be the most disappointed if this doesn't work out.

I've got a sinking feeling that no matter what happens with Bishop?

I'm getting a 4 legged animal to go with my 2 legged ones someday soon.


Karen said...

Two images just flashed through my mind.

1. You on the video Sunday.
2. Trot reaching in his pocket and giving me 'money for Jesus' when it was the middle of the week and he wasn't in class.

"Shaken down..." and all that.

Ted D said...

I still can't believe I let Darrell talk me into that.