Saturday, April 7, 2007

Back to Ranting

*Picture from the Boston Globe*

Forget the three errors in one game against Kansas City this past week. Remember, this was the "throw in" the Red Sox had to take in order to complete the Josh Beckett trade: the guy with the dead bat and rumors of steroid use flying all around him. Trust me, Mike Lowell is the best 3B in the American League. Not A Rod, not Joe Crede, not Melvin Mora, and not, contrary to popular opinion, Eric Chavez.

I know what you're thinking: "There goes that Red Sox homer doing it again", but let's look at some numbers, then you can call me an idiot if you want.

Here are Slappy's Fielding Stats from 2003-2006:

2003 8E .989 FP (Playing SS for the Texas Rangers)
2004 13E .965 FP
2005 12E .971 FP
2006 24E .937 FP

Batting Stats for 2006: .290 BA, 166H, 26 2B, 1 3B, 35HR, 121 RBI

Now Chavez from '03-'06

2003 14E .971FP
2004 13E .964FP
2005 15E .966FP
2006 5E .987FP

Batting Stats for 2006: .241 BA, 117 H, 24 2B, 2 3B, 22HR, 72 RBI

Now, let's take a look at Mikey's numbers, shall we?:

2003 9E .973FP
2004 7E .982FP
2005 7E .983FP
2006 6E .987FP

Batting stats for 2006: .284 BA, 163 H, 47 2B, 1 3B, 20HR, 80 RBI

Now, take a guess who has won the Gold Glove Award for 3B in the American League every year since 2001: Chavez. Good ol' Slappy has 2 Gold Gloves, both for SS in 2002 and 2003. Mikey? One. That's right, one. In 2005, he won the National League Gold Glove for 3B.

I included the batting numbers for last year just in case you could make the comparison that offense plays a part. A Rod was head and shoulders above the other 2 in that, but his 24 errors gave him no chance. If you look at the numbers, other than home runs, Mikey beat Chavez in every category. Even the fielding numbers are better for Lowell: Chavez had one less error, but the same FP, which means Lowell had more chances than Chavez.

It's a joke Lowell did not win it last year. Just proves that the voters for these things don't pay any attention: For Pete's sake, Raffy Palmiero won it one year, and he only played like 36 games at first and the rest as DH.

Hopefully, the voters pay attention this year, and maybe Theo will step up with a contract extension.

A guy can hope, right?


KAYLEE said...

MIKEY is better than all those guys.TED thank you for racking my brain when it aint straight with all those stats.

KAYLEE said...

//Hopefully, the voters pay attention this year, and maybe Theo will step up with a contract extension.//

WE are talkig about the guy that was in trade rumors this offseason right?

Ted D said...

That's him Kaylee. And I added hope because I'm pretty sure he's outa here after this year. They will more than likely go after a 1B and move Youk back to third.

I just hope they change their minds and keep Mike. He's a pleasure to watch play the position

KAYLEE said...

i too hope heis here but that most likely wont happen if it does yay.

sittingstill said...

Ted, no offense, but it doesn't do much good to compare Mikey to the AL guys when he's only been in Gold Glove competition with them for one season. ^_~ Most years he has competed against Scott Rolen, who is excellent. And FWIW, I think Chavez is extraordinary, and it's no knock on Mikey. A-Rod might well still be winning them if he hadn't moved to a position he plays less well to accommodate a shortstop who, in turn, is not as good as he is defensively...

Batting stats are, and should be, irrelevant for the Gold Glove, yes?

Ted D said...


Now why are you using logic to argue my feelings on this? ;)

Chavez is a GREAT player Kelly, and deserved his Gold Gloves: until last year. Lowell AND Gonzales should have won it, IMO.

Agree 100% with you on the 2 Yankees: Jeter is definately inferior to A Rod at the postion.

I guess my whole point was Lowell should have won it last year, and unless Chavez rebounds this year, I still say Lowell is the better player right now.

Logicical arguments on my blog: what in the world is she thinking? :)

You know I'm messing with you Kelly: I have tremendous respect for your knowledge of the game.

Oh yeah: batting stats SHOULD be irrelevant, but I was trying to say (obviously not well ;)) that Palmiero winning it proves the voters take that into account.

BTW, your last post at your blog was GREAT.

Stacy said...

Now that my head is spinning with all those stats, I just want to say Mike Lowell is very handsome. :) Does that figure in the Gold Glove rankings somehow? :)

Ted D said...


Did you not just read Kelly and my comments? :)

Ted D said...


Since you laid down the gauntlet, I thought I'd do a little research:

Rolen's stats from 2003-2005

2003 13E .969FP
2004 10E .977FP
2005 6E .966FP

Mikes stats
2003 9E .973FP
2004 7E .982FP
2005 7E .983FP

And he wins in 2005? He should have won in '03 and '04 AND '05.

Ted responds with logic! Call That's Incredible!

KAYLEE said...

NICE WIN TONIGHT no game tomorrow but I get to watch the diamondbacks-reds game and see bronson arroyo pitch instead:-)

KAYLEE said...


Christine E. said...

Great article Ted--and I could not agree more--Mike Lowell is one of my favorite players--great player, and always gives a great interview.

And remember, the same folks who voted Chavez over Lowell are the same who voted Jeter over A-Gon, so we KNOW thier heads are up their ^&#*^@&*^#@&*...Its completely bogus...

Hope everyone is well!

Go Sox!

Ted D said...

Hi Christine, and everyone is great. Hope you are good.

What a game last night huh? Schill, Papi, and Papelbon: Angie had to come out of her room and tell me to quit hollering or I was going to wake up the kids!

A Gon and Lowell got jobbed last year, IMO.

Take care.

KAYLEE said...

//Angie had to come out of her room and tell me to quit hollering or I was going to wake up the kids!//

TED,dont you spend enough time with your kids?YOU DONT HAVE TO WAKE EM UP THAT WAY!LET THE KIDS GET THERE SLEEP:-)I did wake my brother up yelling last night though....

KAYLEE said...

Okay so after that funeral I went to today I told my mom I will never go to another one in my life...even if its for a family member:-)

Tex said...

sorry havent posted ted...drove home today from dallas then went to work. I uploaded all the pics and now got to upload them to photobucket site too.
THEN go to unpack and write new blog...send some more pics to jere...

I need 48 hrs in one day

Ted D said...

Welcome home Tex! No need to apologize: I figure you'd check in when you could.

AWESOME game last night: The whole time I kept thinking "Darn that Texas getting to be there in person". ;)

Glad you had a safe trip home. You get the DirecTV tomorrow, right?

Tex said...

DirecTV has to wait. im working 2nd job tomorrow so had to reschedule till friday. its ok cable is showing indemand for free this week

KAYLEE said...

TRUST me tex 24 hours in a day is enough especially with all these people at my house that never shutup!

Tex said...

oh yeah kaylee...I forget...Its ALL ABOUT YOU Right?? ;)

chicklets said...

Ted, we have been so busy visiting prisoners at the local prison that we havent had a chance to get on here. We take those criminals fresh baked goods.

I'm so excited for you! I see that the Blue Sox have finally won!

Oh, i see that you friend Tex got to sit in the bull pin, i hope she didnt get hurt. They sure can be mean critters. Did they still have their horns? Or were these horn-less?

Ted have you talked to your friend tree newt? We would still love to have him speak to our women's group. Time is running out and slots are being filled, so we need to know as soon as possible.

Ted D said...

Oh for Petes sake.

I thought you two forgot how to get here.

Tex said...

its the BlueHaired Chicklets!!!

the only horns in the ballpark that day were Longhorns...and they werent in no bullpen

KAYLEE said...

//oh yeah kaylee...I forget...Its ALL ABOUT YOU Right?? ;) //


KAYLEE said...

meant right duh.

KAYLEE said...

//Ted, we have been so busy visiting prisoners at the local prison that we havent had a chance to get on here. We take those criminals fresh baked goods.//

hey dont be rewardng the crimals they are bad people!

KAYLEE said...

//I'm so excited for you! I see that the Blue Sox have finally won!//


KAYLEE said...


Tex said...

kaylee bad people can turn good.

and the blue chicklets aren't colorblind...their blue hair falls in their face

KAYLEE said...

//kaylee bad people can turn good.//

Does that include me TEX!?

Tex said...'re not bad, just young

KAYLEE said...

thats how i like it tex

Tex said...

if I could go back to age 15..I wouldnt

chicklets said...

"Oh for Petes sake."

Ted, we didnt know you were Catholic! Is that St. Peter? Mildred and I are Lutheren. But we dont have to go on Saturdays.

Kaylee, now are you Ted's other daughter? Do they let you out of the detention center during the day? I hope you're coming along great with the program.

Where has the plant guy been? We would love to have him come work in our garden.

We may be gone for awhile. Mildred and I are going on a tour of Southern Asylums. Tex, if we had your last name, we would check for your family tree.

KAYLEE said...

//Kaylee, now are you Ted's other daughter?//

HECK NO he dont want me as his daughter!

//Do they let you out of the detention center during the day? I hope you're coming along great with the program.//

HEY I AINT IN JAIL at least not yet:D

Ted D said...

I. Am. Speechless.

Listen you two, you can pick on me all you want: just leave Tex alone.

And isn't it past your bed time? I figure the rest home has lights out at 10 every night.

KAYLEE said...

//Listen you two, you can pick on me all you want: just leave Tex alone.//

that aint the way I operate i pick on everyone here!

Ted D said...


I was talking to the 2 senior citizens.

As you were.

KAYLEE said...


KAYLEE said...

WHERE IS SCOTT TONIGHT? playing with his plants?

Ted D said...

Kaylee, don't go there: they had a hard freeze and he lost, well, a BUNCH of inventory. He is NOT a happy camper to put it mildly.

Tex said...

ted you always got my back!

finally i can post a pic on my blog!! read it and weep

KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...

Yes I do Tex. Least I can do for my honorary big sister.

And I already read it and posted.

::sticks tongue out toward Austin::

KAYLEE said...

//::sticks tongue out toward Austin:: //

it aint polite to do that now ted learn some manners!

Mattie said...

Man, it looks like I've missed all the fun! Just thought I'd pop in and see what was up, and I find that Tex is back, Bub lost his inventory, and the blue hairs addressed me personally. I don't know what to say...for once.

I hate that about Bub's plants...had no clue. If you get on here tonight, I'm sorry bro.

Tex, I have to admit I was WAY envious of you getting to be at the game last night. What a finish! Pap is the MAN!

I'm writing this from...drumroll please...our new digs! Finally! It's not finished by a long shot, but we've got running water and a commode, so life is good. It looks like a liquor store (due to all the boxes, not the bottles), but it's home. Finally. I better go...I've got to dance a jig.

Tex said...

Matty...dancing a jig?? where you from? Arkansas??

KAYLEE said...


Mattie said...

Not Arkansas, Tex...Virginia. We invented the jig.

Kaylee, I've got a job, a wife, a 10 month old, and a dog that is more rambunctious than Dennis the Menace...don't always have time to write, but I'm here in spirit, if not in word.

KAYLEE said...

//and a dog that is more rambunctious than Dennis the Menace...//


Mattie said...

To each his/her own, Kaylee!:)

Ted D said...


Glad to know you are still alive: and congrats on getting in the house. Jack Bauer, baseball, and my blog have prevented me from calling you, and for that I'm profoundly sorry.

Tell Caroline her favorite Uncle Ted says Hello and to feel better.

And yeah: the geriatrics are looking for you to speak at their Klan meeting.

I'd turn 'em down if I were you.

Ted D said...

And Kaylee,


KAYLEE said...


sorry its that stupid caps lock button.

Mattie said...

Hey Bacon-Grease,
Caroline is still a bit under the weather. She acts fine, but various bodily fluids tell us otherwise. She's sound asleep in her new bedroom right now. I'm sure she'll wake up as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I'm a tad frightened of the Chicklet twins...are we being stalked by geriatrics? I wonder if the blue hair stains their white hoods?

Ted D said...

Fiber All,

I'm pretty sure it's Scotty. He told me earlier he would be on tonight, but have YOU seen him?

Hope Caroline has a better evening, and with that, Bacon Grease is out.

New post in a few minutes.

KAYLEE said...

thanks for joining the club tree squirrel i havwebeen frightened fronm then since they started commenting.i am dieing to know who they are though.

Mattie said...

You really think it's him? He swears it's not. Could be, though. Their spelling has flaws...could be a giveaway.

Won't see the new post until tomorrow. Tree Newt is climbing into his nest for the evening.

KAYLEE said...

if thats scott then I aint afraid anymore..they can be funny at times though:-)